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10 tasty twists on traditional turkey gravy

Homemade gravy for Thanksgiving

Traditionally, gravy has been the crowning glory of the Thanksgiving meal, because we drizzle it over most everything else on our plate. A good gravy results in a delicious and successful dinner… but bad gravy has been known to cause meltdowns and fits from even the most seasoned cooks.

Pick one of these tested recipes, follow the ingredients and proportions exactly, and be ready to take a bow as the gravy pleases your hungry family!

Fool-proof turkey gravy

If you’re like me, a foolproof recipe is a necessity and gravy is no exception. This one by good ‘ole Betty Crocker comes complete with how-to photos.

The easies gravy recipe for Thanksgiving.

Paleo turkey and gluten-free gravy in the pressure cooker

With so many families turning to paleo diets, it only makes sense to include this Paleo turkey and gluten-free gravy from pressure cooker Gutsy By Nature. White wine, optional (but encouraged).

paleo gravy made in the pressure cooker

Cider bourbon gravy

A unique gravy option is this Cider bourbon gravy from How Sweet Eats. It brings out the perfect flavors of the bourbon brining from this turkey recipe.

Cider bourbon gravy will please everyone at your Thanksgiving table.

Slow cooker turkey with no-fuss gravy

This Slow cooker turkey with no-fuss gravy from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe incorporates the gravy along with the turkey in the crock pot to create a fuss-free dueling combo.

Easy slow cooker gravy for Thanksgiving.

Make ahead Thanksgiving turkey gravy

Make ahead gravy recipes can alleviate the anxiety of failing to produce the perfect gravy on Thanksgiving Day. Try this Make Ahead Gravy by Noble Pig.

Make ahead gravy for Thankgiving simplifies your feast.

Sherry mushroom gravy

This rich Sherry Mushroom Gravy works well over poultry, stuffing, and especially those classic mashed potatoes. The sherry and mushrooms give an exciting option for holiday gravy choices.

Make ahead skinny turkey gravy

Save your calories for dessert this Thanksgiving by making this almost-fat free, no butter skinny gravy by The Yummy Life. The best part is it can be made ahead of time so you don’t have to stress on the big day.

Be healthier with this skinny gravy with no butter!

Cranberry turkey gravy

Get into the spirit of Thanksgiving with a festive and fruity Cranberry turkey gravy from! This gravy has all the flavors of tart and sweet cranberries with the richness and oaky flavors of red wine. Perfect for drizzling over turkey breast and mashed potatoes!

Get fruity and tart with a cranberry gravy recipe

Mom’s famous turkey gravy

Turkey drippings create flavor as they are whisked into Mom’s famous turkey gravy from Favorite Family Recipes. It is the perfect pair to buttery mashed potatoes and moist turkey.

the trick to this famous gravy is a good roasting pan

Best vegetarian gravy

Vegetarian gravy doesn’t have to be boring, like this one from Umami Girl proves. This recipe is made with vegetable stock in place of turkey drippings and is oh so good.

No meat, no problem, just make vegetarian Thanksgiving gravy.

Creamy tomato gravy

Lastly, why not add a slightly acidic bite to your rich Thanksgiving feast with a Creamy tomato gravy from A Spicy Perspective?

creamy tomato gravy adds an acidic twist to Thanksgiving

No matter which recipe you choose, keep in mind that all gravy thickens as it cools and should lean more on the thin side while cooking. If you find your gravy too thick, just whisk in a little hot broth and you should be good to go!

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