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Grilled pizza with fig, prosciutto and blue cheese

fig, blue cheese, prosciutto, and arugula pizza

Sweet figs on a savory pizza is the best combination! Add salty prosciutto, spicy arugula, and sharp blue cheese on a grilled smoky crust and we’re talking out of this world flavors! This Grilled Pizza with Fig, Prosciutto and Blue Cheese recipe has a nice balance of these smoky, spicy, sharp, sweet, and salty flavors. But, it also has a perfect texture: tender, crispy, creamy, and chewy. What’s not to love?

This is the perfect pizza for summertime because it’s light and fresh… and grilled! Served with chilled white wine out on the patio, it makes an elegant meal for entertaining.

You can make your own pizza dough for this recipe or you can keep things simple with a store-bought dough. But one thing is for sure, using summer’s bounty to assemble this grilled pizza is the way to go!

Get the recipe for this Grilled Pizza with Fig, Prosciutto and Blue Cheese over at AZ Grab A Plate!

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