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Apple butter bacon wrapped shrimp

apple butter-bacon wrapped shrimp appetizer

It’s nice to nibble on a little something before Thanksgiving dinner so you don’t starve before the feast is served. This recipe for Apple Butter Bacon Wrapped Shrimp from Nutmeg Nanny serves as the perfect appetizer on Thanksgiving Day. Seafood is something you won’t typically see on the dinner table, so it’s lovely to serve as an appetizer to keep things interesting. Shrimp is light, but wrapping it in bacon makes it indulgent, and the apple butter and maple syrup makes it feel seasonal.

The only problem with these bacon-wrapped shrimps is that they will go quickly! If you’re asked to bring an appetizer to your Thanksgiving potluck, prepare these at home first, set them on a baking sheet and cover with plastic wrap, and then pop right in the oven when you arrive.

Find the recipe for this Apple Butter Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Thanksgiving appetizer over at Nutmeg Nanny.

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