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There’s a new Lucky Charms-flavored beer coming for St. Patrick’s Day

Lucky Charms-flavored beer from Smartmouth Brewing
Image credit: Smartmouth Brewing Company

This St. Patrick’s Day, Smartmouth Brewing Company is releasing a Lucky Charms-flavored beer called the Saturday Morning Marshmallow IPA.

That’s right, your favorite childhood cereal is getting an adult makeover. Now you can enjoy the nostalgia of Lucky Charms while also enjoying the perks of adult beverages.

About those marshmallow-y flavors

Don’t think this beer is simply flavored like Lucky Charms. Smartmouth Brewing Company, located in Norfolk, Virginia, actually used colorful dehydrated cereal marshmallows to brew the Saturday Morning Marshmallow IPA.

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The beer is also infused with toasted marshmallows and “galaxy and calypso hops.” According to Elite Daily, the galaxy hops give the brew a citrus flavor, while the calypso hops bring in some fruity notes.

But be careful not to get too lost in this fruity, marshmallow-y goodness. This Lucky Charms-flavored beer will definitely get you buzzing. According to Smartmouth Brewing Company, the IPA has a 6.6 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), which is just within the average ABV for an American IPA at 5.5 to 7.5 percent.

How to get your hands on this Lucky Charms-flavored beer

Now that you’re salivating for this drink, there’s a good chance you might want to include it in your St. Patrick’s Day festivities. We definitely get it.

Smartmouth Brewing’s Norfolk, Virginia, location is debuting the beer with a party on Saturday, March 2. After its initial release, the IPA will be available in 16-ounce cans and on draft at bars and restaurants, and in the beer aisle at grocery stores throughout the state.

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No word yet on how you can get your hands on this Lucky Charms-flavored beer if you live outside of Virginia.

Hopefully, the luck of the Irish is on your side so you can try the Saturday Morning Marshmallow IPA while it’s available. If not, a bowl of Lucky Charms paired with your favorite IPA might be the next best thing.

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