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5 funny Presidents Day memes

Presidents Day. Cartoon Uncle Sam and American eagle in patriotic hat.
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ICYMI, the third Monday of February every year is Presidents’ Day. It’s a day that you can expect to see…sales. Yep, if we’re really being honest, you’re most likely going to notice deals and discounts galore than anything else. But also, more than markdowns, hopefully, you’ll see people honoring our great nation’s Presidents.

While the massive job performed by the person in charge of making America’s important decisions is no laughing matter, there’s no harm in finding a little humor in this holiday either. We can’t be sure, but we feel positive ol’ George Washington probably delivered some wicked zingers in his day. Did you ever see Ronald Reagan quip “missed me” when a balloon popped while he was giving a speech? Hilarious! And we all know Barack Obama loved a good dad joke.

So, to celebrate this presidential holiday, here are some funny memes.

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