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4 cute Presidents Day memes that will remind you of facts you may have forgotten

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If we’re really being honest, we haven’t always given a ton of thought to Presidents Day. Sure, we’ve sent out a few silent thank yous into the universe and hoped they land in that great Oval Office in the sky full of past presidents. And since we live in a digital day and age now, we might even tweet our living presidents to express gratitude.

But as far as digging deeper into this February holiday? Well, we’re all guilty of being a bit lackadaisical. You probably remember a few interesting tidbits from your days in school about presidents both well-known and lesser-known, but what sticks out is the stuff you learned about our more household-name presidents.

You know President Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. But did you also know he was the first president to rock a beard? We’ve all heard (and probably repeated) that famous myth about George Washington chopping down a cherry tree with his hatchet. But did you realize that eating cherries on Presidents Day is a tradition spurred by that time-honored tale?

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Our presidents, past and present, are so much more than meets the eye. To celebrate them and everything that makes them unique, we’ve pulled together a few fun-fact-filled memes (and one meme-filled video) to help you get to know our chief executives better.

Do you know which president was a crosswod puzzle fanatic?

Presidents Day Fun Facts

There are two things that we immediately surmise from this cute meme: Presidents apparently have a penchant for (a) exotic animals and (b) nerdy hobbies. And hey, we’re not hating. In fact, same.

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