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Non-traditional Passover ideas to try with your family

Non-traditional Passover ideas to try with your family
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If you’re interested in welcoming Elijah a little differently this year, give some of these non-traditional Passover pointers a try.

If your family is anything like mine on Passover, a few things are for sure: It’s all about good food, good company, and keeping the seder lighthearted, fun and as short as possible. Not that the seder isn’t important, but for the modern Jewish family, it’s all about honoring our Passover traditions while keeping young kids, rowdy teenagers and jokester uncles alert and engaged.

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At its core, Passover is a story of freedom, bravery, faith — and tradition. That’s why after thousands and thousands of years, the Jewish people still gather every year, hold a seder and relive an ancient story. But just because it’s old-school, doesn’t mean you can’t inject some creativity and originality into your seder. Because at the end of the day, being a family and building your own traditions together is exactly what the holidays are all about.

Ask some non-traditional Passover 4 questions

When I was a kid, the four questions were always my favorite part of the seder. I mean, it was the only time I ever got to talk. So why not extend what is clearly already the most entertaining moment with a little family bonding? Fill up an old baseball cap with questions about each other’s lives and use this rare moment when everyone is gathered together in the same room as a way to reconnect the family. It’s a nice way to break up the seder and to catch up with family members you haven’t seen since Chanukah.

New recipes

Unpopular opinion alert — I absolutely can’t stand Passover food. I know, bad Jew over here. But I guess the lack of flour or anything even remotely resembling sushi really turns me off. But spicing up a menu is never a bad idea, and it will definitely breathe new life into any event. There are new kosher-for-Passover products out every year, so don’t be afraid to deviate from Bubbe’s traditional recipes and try something more innovative and complex.


There are few things I enjoy more than a good trivia night. Why not start a new tradition and bring it into the seder this year? Instead of just reading the story of Passover straight from the Haggadah, end each story section with some Passover-themed trivia. Whoever answers the most questions correctly wins bragging rights for the year and is first in line for desserts.

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Afikomen hunt

This has to be my favorite non-traditional Passover tradition. The afikomen is a piece of matzo that is broken during the seder and put aside to be eaten with dessert. Instead of leaving it at that, turn this tradition into a full-on Easter egg hunt! Have an older family member hide the afikomen somewhere around the house and up the stakes by wrapping it in a $20 bill. Then, it’s everyone for themselves as the hunt begins. It’ll be good old-fashioned fun watching the whole family crawl and climb all over the place trying to find the matzo.

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