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New Passover products from Whole Foods in 2019

Whole Foods new Passover products for 2019
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With Passover right around the corner, Whole Foods is the clear leader when it comes to providing quality, healthy Passover products for the whole family.

For the past decade, Whole Foods been teaming up with Kayco to bring you some delish kosher-for-Passover options. The partnership was born out of consumer desire for products that fit both the kosher and health lifestyles.

“People today are genuinely interested in food — not just for the way it tastes, but how it’s produced and what that means to their overall health. They expect convenience, and they no longer want to choose between delicious and healthy just because it’s Passover,” Kayco’s executive vice president Harold Weiss said.

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Kayco and Whole Foods have created more than 100 different Passover products to choose from, including vegan, organic and gluten-free options. So, if you’re interested in finding some tasty Passover snacks made right, look no further. Here are some of our top picks just in time for Pesach.

Yehuda matzo: organic whole wheat and gluten-free varieties (everything, original, cinnamon, unsalted)

When it comes to Passover food, we all immediately search for the food we grew up with. And that starts with good old-fashioned matzo.

Arguably the best Passover snack, matzo is a thin, crisp, unleavened bread meant to symbolize how quickly the Jews were forced to flee Egypt. Its versatility and crunchiness makes it a clear holiday favorite.

What we love about the Whole Foods options is that they carry the basic salted flavor as well as an everything and cinnamon flavor. They also account for dietary needs and their matzo meets company standards — so no artificial colorings, preservatives or sweeteners.

Sea Castle seaweed snacks

This one is especially exciting. Seaweed snacks are an all-time favorite. They’re salty, crunchy and oh, so easy to grab when you’re late for work and running out the door in the morning. And now you can still grab a pack if you’re keeping kosher — total no-brainer!

Kedem gourmet tilapia gefilte fish (and a bunch of other Kedem favorites)

Kedem is a brand that makes a ton of traditional Jewish products — everything from grape juice, to those tea biscuits they gave you as a snack in Hebrew school — but there are certain things Kedem is only delivering to Whole Foods.

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According to Dwight Richard, global grocery purchasing coordinator for Whole Foods, “[Kedem] created new, natural versions of traditional products … specifically for our stores, and now we carry items shoppers simply can’t find anywhere else.”

So instead of hitting up Belden’s or Three Brothers to stock up this year, it’s probably a good idea to go natural and check out what Whole Foods has to offer.

If you’re as dedicated as we are to taking your seder up a level with some new Passover products, here’s our finalized list of must-haves:

Kedem biodynamic grape juice
Gefen roasted chestnuts
Glick’s macaroons (regular and gluten-free varieties)
Elyon all-natural marshmallows (vanilla and vanilla minis)
Gefen apple crisps
Rebecca & Rose bakery products

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