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New Year’s Eve party poppers for kids and adults

5D4B5137 - NYE Party Poppers

When planning your New Year’s Eve party, don’t forget the favors! These custom-made DIY New Year’s Eve party poppers, inspired by Brit + Co, will delight friends and family, showering them with streamers and confetti. They won’t believe you made them yourself!

Party poppers are fun — the equivalent of indoor fireworks — and these homemade versions are quiet, colorful and inexpensive. You can do them up to match your party decor’s colors, or glue stickers, metallic foil stars, glitter or confetti to the outside.

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You can customize the confetti inside the poppers, too, with glitter, shiny confetti, paper confetti, paper shreds, or paper streamers. Enclose tiny trinkets in the poppers, like stickers, small rings, or pieces of candy, for guests to find when they pop them open.

Look through your scrapbooking paper stash, or check a craft store (online, too) to find the perfect paper, as well as the other supplies. Specialty party and catering suppliers carry cake push pops, and party stores offer large selections of confetti and trinkets.

Fun kids’ activity for New Year’s Eve

Create one party popper for each hour of the party for each child to pop at the top of every hour. (For example, if you’ve invited four kids to a party that begins at 7:30, you’ll need 20 poppers in total.) Use numbered stickers to help keep track of when it’s time to let each popper rip! This activity gives kids something to look forward to during the party, as they count down to the end of the year.

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Fill up the push pop

Remove the cap from the push pop, then fill it up with the confetti of your choice. Note: add smaller bits of confetti to the top of the push pop for a better popping experience. Replace cap.

5D4B4985 - NYE Party Poppers - Fill up the push pop

Cut the push pop cover

Measure the outside of the construction paper to the length you will need to cover the push pop, then cut the paper into a strip long enough to wrap all the way around the pop.

5D4B5008 - NYE Party Poppers - Cut the push pop cover

Glue the cover to the push pop

Take the cut paper cover, wrap it around the pop and secure it to the push pop with hot glue.

5D4B5027 - NYE Party Poppers - Glue the cover to the push pop


Tie a decorative ribbon to the bottom of the push pop, or decorate the outside of the paper cover with stickers or other embellishments.

5D4B5039 - NYE Party Poppers - Decorate!

Let it pop!

Go ahead and test one of your party poppers before the big event! You earned it!

5D4B5084 - NYE Party Poppers

Fancy and so much fun!

5D4B5041 - NYE Party Poppers

So easy to make

5D4B5125 - NYE Party Poppers

How gorgeous is this simple craft?

5D4B5140 - NYE Party Poppers

Hand them out for your big bash!

5D4B5129 - NYE Party Poppers


  • Cake push pops
  • Decorative scrapbook paper
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors or paper trimmer
  • Confetti
  • Ribbon


  1. Remove cap from push pops, and fill inside with the confetti of your choice. Replace cap.
  2. Wrap a piece of paper around the push pop and measure where you will need to cut it to create a sleeve that is the right size.
  3. Cut paper to size according to your measurements. Cut enough sheets to cover all your push pops.
  4. To customize party poppers, place hot glue on the end of the paper, and press onto push pop.
  5. Wrap paper around the push pop until completely covered and secure the other end with hot glue.
  6. Tie decorative ribbon to the bottom of the push pop.

Note: Make sure to pack the smallest bits of confetti on the top of the push pop for a better popping experience! The confetti will shoot out farther and create a festive cascade.

5D4B5122 - NYE Party Poppers

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