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16 tasty New Year’s drinks to help you say cheers to 2019!

There is no more celebratory holiday than the last day of the year. New Year’s drinks and cocktails are a staple at New Year’s Eve parties. We’ve included our best boozy beverages on this list, but there’s something for everyone, including some non-alcoholic libations.

Pomegranate thyme bubbly rosé

Rosé is a beautiful blush pink wine that makes a gorgeous base for this aromatic wine cocktail featuring a tart simple syrup made from pomegranate and thyme. Prepare the syrup a few days in advance so you can relax and enjoy spending time with your guests during your New Year’s Eve party. Pair this pretty-in-pink pomegranate thyme bubbly rose cocktail with a metallic and rose gold party decorating scheme, and serve with simple yet elegant appetizers for a perfect party.

Faux champagne

Champagne is synonymous with New Year’s Eve, but not every guest wants to (or is legally allowed to) drink alcohol at the stroke of midnight. Enter this non-alcoholic faux champagne recipe featuring white grape juice, ginger ale and a splash of orange juice. Accented with a single frozen grape across the top of the champagne flute, this drink is a festive and pretty offering for your New Year’s drinks menu.

Cranberry Cava cocktail

Champagne isn’t the only sparkling wine that is appropriate for New Year’s eve toasts. This year, make a resolution to try Cava as an alternative to champagne. Cava is a sparkling wine from Spain that is light and fruity, and sweeter than champagne, which makes it the perfect mixer for a tart note like cranberry. Present this cranberry cava cocktail with a skewer of sugared cranberries and mint to create a festive drink that guests will adore.

Cranberry pomegranate bourbon sparkler

Not all New Year’s drinks have to be champagne-based, so go ahead and add this cranberry pomegranate bourbon sparkler to your menu. This spirited cocktail features tangy pomegranate, cranberry juice, vodka and a hint of lemon. The bright red liquid makes for a gorgeous-looking cocktail, especially when topped with pomegranate seeds (called “arils”) and a bit of lemon zest.

Cranberry pomegranate bourbon sparkler (2)

Basil Moscow mule

New Year’s is all about reinvention, which is why the basil Moscow mule is a classic choice that will taste fresh to your party guests. Moscow mules are made by mixing spicy ginger beer with the punch of vodka and a citrusy kick of lime. The addition of herbaceous basil grounds this cocktail with earthiness, and we punched up the spice with additional grated ginger. Capitalize on the retro-trendy Moscow mule craze by serving this version with a twist, and don’t forget the copper mugs, which seem to make this New Year’s cocktail taste even better.

French 75 cocktail

This sweet and tart drink is a champagne-based craft cocktail that blends gin and citrus, making it perfect for a speakeasy-inspired New Year’s party. This drink finds its origins as early as the 1800s, but it rose to popularity in the roaring 20s and the cocktail-crazed 1930s. Although it contains only four ingredients, this cocktail is intriguingly complex, thanks to the addition of aromatic gin. Pungent, sweet, sour and bubbly, this cocktail has something for everyone. With a subtle pink hue, the French 75 looks beautiful when topped with a twist of lemon.

Spiced rum apple cider

If you need a warm and inviting punch to serve at a cozy and intimate New Year’s party, look no further than our spiced rum apple cider. Based on traditional holiday flavors, this drink is sweetened with brown sugar and punched up with rum. Club soda adds a bit of sparkle, making this drink perfect for the festive occasion. Best of all, you can prepare this punch before your party starts and focus on connecting with your friends and family when they arrive.

Spiced sangria

Mixing red wine with various fruits and spices is a simple and festive way to provide holiday cheer for adults of all ages. This spiced sangria includes red wine, fruit, black pepper, star anise, cinnamon and cloves which add warmth and depth to this robust New Year’s Eve beverage. Create your own spiced simple syrup in advance, leaving you with more time to linger with your guests and loved ones.

Caramel apple sparkling sangria

Who says sangria has to be made from red wine? Guests of all ages will enjoy this caramel apple sparkling sangria that is made with sparkling apple cider and the sweet addition of caramel syrup. This punch base can be made without alcohol, which makes it a great choice for party guests of all ages. Add white wine to your punch base for the grown-up version of this drink, or mix up a batch of non-alcoholic punch and add a spritz of wine to individual drinks.

Jalapeño cranberry cosmo

Combine the tartness of cranberry with the spiciness of a hot pepper in this updated take on a classic cocktail, the jalapeño cranberry cosmo. Presented in a martini glass and topped with an orange slice, this pretty drink will add an eye-catching element to your New Year’s party. Cosmopolitans are already palate-pleasing, combining tart cranberry with the fresh tastes of lime and vodka, but the jalapeño note is what makes this cocktail really sing. The hot pepper component provides a spicy warmth that complements the brightness of the other mixers, adding just a bit of heat without being overwhelming.

Cranberry wine Moscow mule

Moscow mules are a versatile drink that can be served year-round, but they have a distinctive holiday bent when you add a bit of cranberry. Our cranberry wine Moscow mule has all the zest and freshness of the original mule, but the addition of zinfandel cranberry sauce really elevates this cocktail. For maximum holiday cheer, serve these mules in the traditional copper mug and top them with cranberries strung onto a rosemary sprig.

Thanksgiving Cranberry Wine Moscow Mule drink recipe (2)

Hot toddy

Want to warm your guests on a cold winter’s night? Serve them each a hot toddy to ward off the chill of snow and warm them up from head to toe. Made from warmed whiskey, lemon, honey and spices, a hot toddy is just the right way to end the evening after you ring in the new year.

Candy vodka with Jolly Ranchers

Wow your party guests with a nostalgic taste from childhood with this homemade candy vodka with Jolly Ranchers. You’ll need to plan ahead to make this flavored vodka at least one day before your event, but the recipe is as simple as can be: Pop Jolly Rancher candies into a bottle of vodka and shake it up to get started. Because of its beautiful vivid color, this candy vodka makes a great holiday gift.

Classic Bloody Mary

When planning your end-of-the-year festivities, don’t overlook a beverage plan for New Year’s Day. Whether serving it as a hangover cure, a liquid breakfast, or an addition to brunch, make a resolution to ring in the new year with a classic Bloody Mary. Combine tomato juice, vodka and savory spices to create the base for a Bloody Mary, but make the drink your own with the addition of inventive ingredients like clam juice (called a Bloody Caesar in Canada), or savory garnishes like olives, cocktail onions or a mini-meal on a stick served across the top of the glass.

Orangecello and honey martini

Channel the warm days of summer into your wintry holiday celebration with this orangecello and honey martini. You can find orangecello (and its cousin limoncello) at the store, or you can make your own in advance by adding orange peels and sugar to vodka and then letting those ingredients steep for a few days. Although this cocktail might taste like a childhood treat, the addition of thyme lends a certain sophistication and earthiness that make it a decidedly grown-up beverage.

Sparkling pear cocktail

While your holiday menu should contain some tried-and-true cocktail classics, don’t be afraid to include a surprising flavor in your drinks lineup like this sparkling pear cocktail. This delicate cocktail is floral and fruity and will wow your guests when served in a shining champagne flute dramatically accented with a slice of pear and a sugar cube that bubbles in the cocktail as it dissolves.

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