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Mother’s Day gifts inspired by your last phone conversation with Mom

Mother's Day call gifts
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Sure, a bouquet of flowers are a solid standby, but when you’re thinking about what to get as a Mother’s Day gift, how about something more personal — something she needs, or at least something that will last longer than five days?

I figured out what to get my mom during a phone conversation a few weeks ago, when she uncharacteristically mentioned how tired she was. (She’ll be getting the diffuser listed below). It made me think: Could others be inspired by normal catchup phone calls, too? She might not bluntly tell you what she wants or needs, but you can pick up some cues. So, to help some of my friends get inspired, I asked about their last phone conversations with their moms. This resulted in some insightful gifts that I hope will inspire you to get unique gifts for the mom(s) in your life.

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The sports mom

Danielle was trying to come up with a gift for her older sister, Nicole, who is a busy mother of two sports-obsessed boys. “I caught her between a swim meet and a lacrosse game, and she was nervous about rain and [her] cute suede cute flats,” Danielle explained.

I suggested Danielle zero in on some stylish footwear that could help a mom on the go, no matter the weather:

  • Hunter rain boots: This subtle pop of pale pink could help her attract some feminine energy while she is surrounded by packs of boys.
  • Birkenstock rubber sandals: Give her a comfortable transition into summer. Go for a fun color so she’ll always stand out.
  • Cougar Chico leather slip-on sneakers: If Mom has more of city aesthetic, go with a black slip-on sneaker — water repellent so she can look sleek and stay dry.

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The sentimental mom

Rebecca’s mother, unfortunately, lost her favorite personalized bracelet while doing laps in the pool. It has been a topic of many phone conversations, so this is a slam dunk. Get your mom something new and personalized she can treasure for years to come.

Photo credit: victoria_pineapple/Getty Images

The mom who’s worried about wrinkles

“Between telling me about my aunt and a new BBC show, my mother slipped in how wrinkly her hands had gotten,” shared Tracy — who took that to heart and immediately started applying hand lotion. I pointed out that finger-focused gifts are not only practical but also appreciated.

  • SuperGoop Forever Young hand cream: Contains 40 SPF, which is an important ingredient to keep hands healthy and looking young. With powerful antioxidants and natural oils, we expect your mother’s hands to do some reverse aging a la Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her.
  • Karuna Age-Defying Hand Mask: This is like a sheet mask for your hands. What I also like about these is that it forces mom to sit still for 20 mins. It’s relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • World Market rubber gloves: Silly looking, yes, but super-useful. Keep your mother’s hands from drying out while she does the dishes or cleans. Throw in a gift card to a salon, and your mother will be very pleased.

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The sleep-deprived mom

My friend Whitney’s mother, like mine, mentioned casually to her that she wasn’t sleeping well. We’re both in our 30s, so there’s no new baby to blame. I suggested some easy solutions that could be useful to her — or really, anyone struggling to catch some zzzs.

  • ThisWorks Pillow Spray: Those who have tried it swear they’ve been sleeping more deeply. Get it while it’s stock and go for the upgrade that includes an eye mask; this stuff sells out fast.
  • Vitruvi Essential Diffuser: Having your mother (and father) relaxed on a daily basis is worth the splurge.
  • Foreo Luna 2: For those mornings when nothing works, this face massager can help her feel and look better by smoothing out the appearance of her skin.
Photo credit: South_agency/Getty Images

The vacation-focused mom

Tina rolled her eyes when I brought up recent conversations with her mother: “All she and my dad can talk about is the beach vacation they have planned this summer.” Oh, to be retired.

If your mom has an event or trip coming up that she’s excited about, why not make it even more fun with something new for her trip?

  • Madewell shell earrings: Create a cute vacation vibe in a classy way that will match all her outfits and won’t have her worrying about losing something more expensive.
  • Hat Attack mini bangle bag: Straw bags are all the rage, so this will make her look super-chic. Plus, maybe she’ll let you borrow it.
  • Toms Traveler sunglasses: She’d never purchase a pair of sunglasses just for vacay, so spoil her with a pair that will keep her looking fresh and her eyes protected.

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