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12 Adorable crafts that kids can make for Mother’s day


Mother. As the great poet Mr. T once said, “There is no other.” While one single day to celebrate the woman who raised you seems like a gross inadequacy, it’s all that’s on the books. So with 24 hours dedicated to mom on May 12, it’s best to pull out all the stops.

That doesn’t necessarily mean flashing a credit card for the most expensive item at the department store, or calling 1-800-boring flowers. A special Mother’s Day gift can be classy, homespun and crafted with the help of your little ones.

Here are some great DIY Mother’s Day craft ideas that go well above and beyond paper plates and pipe cleaners.

A spoonful of sugar

Image credit: Oh-my Creative

If your mom is one dish away from becoming a cable network food star, she will love this brightly painted bounty of wooden spoons.

From Oh My Creative, these wooden cooking utensils are hand-dipped in paint, coated with sealer and perfected with some printed tape or ribbon. The matching potholder is stenciled with permanent ink to spell out a sweet message.

Coloring page bracelets

Image credit: Persia Lou

Looking for something pretty and personal for mother and child to create together? These exquisite coloring page bracelets look like they were found on vacation in the Far East, or at the very least at a cute Boho chic boutique.

Using wooden bangle bracelets, a coloring book, matte medium, crayons or colored pencils, and a gloss varnish, the colorings are cut out and transferred onto the bracelets, creating a beautiful design pattern from your child.

Floral letter craft


If you want to spell out how much you love your mom, this simple and standout idea from is a way to give a personal bouquet that will last a lot longer than a bunch of stems from the local florist. All you need is a wooden letter (perhaps “M” for Mom, or the first letter of her name), some silk flowers (a favorite bloom), scissors and a glue gun. This is a kid-friendly gift that won’t take too much time.

Cupcake paper clip bookmark


Does the maternal figure in your life like to read? This adorable idea from is not only practical but precious as well.

Use felt, sequins, sparkles and a paper clip to glue together a delicious-looking bookmark in the shape of a colorful cupcake. This gift is easy for adults and children to assemble. Who wouldn’t love looking at a cupcake and thinking of the cutie pie who made it for them? Plus, you might be the last one on their mind as they fall asleep. Sweet dreams, indeed.

Heart thumbprint platter

Image credit: Old Salt Farm

The little ones grow up so fast, so it’s nice for family members to have something to help mark their growth.

This adorable plate with thumbprint hearts not only gives the special woman in your life a snapshot in time, but it’s a sweet message to display on the mantel or on which to put sweet treats when you go to visit. The ingenious idea from Simply Kierste is fun for kids who like getting their hands dirty.

All that you need is a plate, glass paint (dishwasher safe), a Sharpie and the patience to wait while the oven seals in the cutest little hearts you ever did see.

Handprint portrait

Kids craft for Mother's Day handprints
Image credit: Mommy Minutes

If you are toggling back and forth in your mind about whether to get the traditional floral arrangement or opt for something more personal and homemade, check out this DIY delight, which delivers the best of both worlds.

This handprint picture features primary paint handprints that your little ones will have a blast creating. Add a green stem, some special words to say “I love you” and then frame.

Turn children’s art into tea towels

Tutorial-Kids-craft-tea-towel thumb2
Image credit: Setting for Four

A child’s drawing on the fridge always brings a smile to a mother’s face. However, these drawings can get ripped or fall off when magnets are moved.

This versatile and useful gift displays your tot’s artwork in the kitchen and is washable so it will last longer. These dishtowels  from Setting For Four are the perfect interactive DIY project to tackle with your kids. The kids create a masterpiece and you transfer it to a dish towel with a permanent marker.

Hand-shaped catchall

salt dough hand ring dish
Image credit: Messy Little Monster

It can be hard to keep track of everything in a busy household. Luckily, this darling hand-shaped catchall is the perfect spot to keep keys, earrings or other important items that otherwise might go missing.

The cute craft from Messy Little Monster is made with a salt-based dough, baked and then painted by your tyke.

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By the book

Image credit: Crafty Morning

There are certain books that can’t be ordered and delivered by Amazon Prime. This cute concept creates a Mother’s Day book from your child’s drawings, showcasing important keepsakes.

Made with card stock, crayons, a glue gun and a printable template from Hello, Wonderful, it’s a nice portfolio that will make the bestseller list of your heart. Photos can be added to the mix, but hand-drawn ones are just as nice and will let your little one show off the burgeoning Picasso within.

Words with family

Image credit: MadeByMarcy

It’s all fun and games with this entertaining design for Scrabble tile coasters from Inhabitat. Incorporating wooden tiles and some glue, names or fun memories are spelled out on a square of cork. Just remember to use the letters that gather the most points for Mom.

Tea towels

kids Mother's Day craft painting stamped tea towel
Image credit: Sweet Life of Anna

Pretty. Delicate. Dainty. These are not ways you would normally think of celery, but with this cool DIY project, the description fits. These appealing tea towels thought up by Sweet Life of Anna use bunches of celery stalks and permanent paint on towels to create the perfect flower bloom that even Laura Ashley would envy. Add a few strokes of green for leaves and this design is ready to be enjoyed while serving up some Earl Grey on a cold day.

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Pallet frame

Image credit: 5 Minutes for Mom

Your mother gave you and the moon and the stars, so it is only fair that you reciprocate with a little bit of sunshine. This charming pallet frame on Pinterest  from 5 Minutes for Mom requires a wooden pallet, wooden letters, pegs, glue, paint and little clothespins.

Once the frame is glued together and decorated, pin on some of her favorite photos to brighten up her day. The best part is that the photos can be swapped out throughout the years.

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