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What to make for Mother’s Day brunch

Photo credit: Envato Elements

What does Mom really want for Mother’s Day? A scrumptious family-friendly brunch made with lots of love.

Instead of dragging the family to a noisy, crowded restaurant, let Mom relax in the comfort of her own home and feed her a mouthwateringly memorable mid-morning meal. Our kid-friendly Mother’s Day brunch menu features an appetizing array of sweet and savory recipes that Mom and the kids will devour with abandon.

As a bonus, these kid-friendly Mother’s Day brunch recipes deliver a convenient amount of leftovers to dig into for the rest of the week.

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Strawberry basil kombucha waffles

Homemade Belgian waffles with cream and fresh strawberries on a blue woody background. Top view, flat lay, space for text.
Photo credit: Yulia Gusterina/Getty Images

Give those basic breakfast waffles a much-needed makeover with these flavor-packed strawberry basil kombucha waffles. Plus, this recipe is healthier than anything you’ll find in a grocery store box. We’ll even give you the recipe for a strawberry basil rosé spritzer to pair with it.

Breakfast oatmeal cupcakes


Let’s face it: If you’re going to make a kid-friendly Mother’s Day brunch, you can’t go wrong with cupcakes.

These breakfast oatmeal cupcakes from Chocolate Covered Katie are a healthy riff on classic dessert cupcakes, featuring a natural sweetness from ripe bananas and maple syrup, a lovely chew from rolled oats, and the decadence of chocolate chips. This is a Mother’s Day brunch recipe that Mom will end up making all year round.

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Vegan french toast

vegan french toast

French toast is a classic that combines the savory and the sweet into one breakfast. But you don’t need eggs to get the same custard taste. Your mom will love this vegan french toast recipe. In fact, she won’t even taste the difference. This recipe is a dead ringer for the original. Your whole family will ask,“Are you sure this is vegan?” as they devour their plates. Even better, it’s dairy free, too!

Red velvet waffles with cream cheese glaze


Ridiculously indulgent, our red velvet waffles with cream cheese glaze will satisfy Mom’s secret desire to eat dessert first.

The ultimate kid-friendly Mother’s Day brunch recipe, these vividly scarlet waffles will have everyone at the table clamoring for the first bite. Make these brunch treats with traditional red velvet cake ingredients and generously top them with a homemade cream cheese glaze and a scattering of pecans. Yum!

Mini breakfast burritos with chorizo and feta cheese


If Mom favors a balance of sweet and savory brunch fare, she’ll love our mini breakfast burritos with chorizo and feta cheese as the savory component.

Not only are they incredibly cute with their diminutive size, they are beyond delicious with a flavorful combination of eggs, spicy chorizo, tangy feta, and fresh tomatoes and onions. Make these kid-friendly Mother’s Day brunch eats extra fancy by tying a fresh chive around each mini burrito.

English pea toast

Smashed Pea Toast

Avocado toast is out and english pea toast is in! Give mom a yummy, vegan twist to her breakfast favorite. This vegan brunch recipe is paired with thinly-sliced radishes and a homemade lemon almond “ricotta”. We recommend starting this dish the night before serving to make assembly easy in the morning.

Biscoff-swirled blueberry cheesecake frozen yogurt

Photo credit: Healthy Delicious

This Biscoff-swirled blueberry cheesecake frozen yogurt from Healthy. Delicious. is the best kid-friendly Mother’s Day brunch dessert you’ll ever spoon into your mouth. Creamy, dreamy and tasty, this frozen yogurt sings spring and summer with fresh blueberries and lemon zest. This is the Mother’s Day brunch recipe that Mom and the kids will beg you to make again and again.

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Faux champagne


Add some bubbly to Mom’s special day with our faux champagne recipe. No kid-friendly Mother’s Day brunch would be complete without a drink the whole family can enjoy. This non-alcoholic version of the real deal requires only three basic ingredients and a fun garnish of frozen grapes. Simply mix together white grape juice, orange juice and ginger ale, then pour everyone a glass so you can all give Mom the celebratory toast she deserves.

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