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Hilarious gifts for ‘Bachelor’ lovers

The Bachelor gifts for Mothers Day
Photo credit: Anna Sokol/Getty Images; Tiberius Catinas/

Monday nights. Wine. Screaming at your TV. Endless debates over who’ll get the rose. If you’re a member of Bachelor Nation, you know this drill all too well. After 23 seasons, it’s a wonder we all still watch, but something about the drama, amazing dates and the possibility of finding love sucks us in time and time again.

I’ll never forget my first experience with the Bachelor. I was 8 years old, and my mom and I cuddled up on the couch to watch Trista and Ryan’s wedding. My mom was so excited. It was the TV event of the year. Trista looked like a princess in a giant poofy white dress and Ryan was her actual prince charming.

We oo-ed and ahh-ed for three hours straight and ate popcorn (no wine for this third grader). It was a bonding experience over a silly TV show, but now, 15 years later, I still think about that day with a smile.

And over the next 15 years, The Bachelor became a joint obsession for my mom and me. We always make sure to watch together when we can, and when we can’t, weekly check-ins are a must. This silly little TV show has become a way for mother and daughter to stay connected even though we’re miles apart.

So for those of you who are trying to think of a perfect gift for the Bachelor lovers in your life (especially with Mother’s Day right around the corner!), look no further. We especially love the adult coloring book you’ll see down below…

The Bachelor candle

Photo credit: iheartpopcandles/Etsy

If this candle has the scent of one-on-ones, never being blindsided, and the final rose all rolled up into one, it must smell like actual heaven. Regardless, any Bachelor lover will love it for its clever packaging and all-natural materials.

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The Bachelor throw blanket

Photo credit: OxGraphics/CafePress

Bachelor fans will love curling up on the couch with this cozy blanket and watching the most dramatic season ever.

The Bachelor bracelet

Photo credit: NikkiandNibby/Etsy

For this gift, you get to pick a favorite Bachelor quote to engrave on a cuff-style bracelet. It’ll be hard to pick just one quote, so you might as well order three just to be safe.

You’re Not That Great: (But Neither Is Anyone Else) by Elan Gale

True Bachelor fans know all about executive producer (and bestie to almost every contestant) Elan Gale. His self-help book is hilarious and super real — making it an ideal summer beach read.

The Bachelor keychains

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Photo credit: NiftyNarwhalTM/Etsy

These handmade keychains are completely customizable and have some pretty funny quotes from which to choose.

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The Bachelor throw pillow

Photo credit: KaitlinCurtis2/Red Bubble

This throw pillow turns any normal couch into a Bachelor viewing party couch.

The Bachelor bingo cards

Make Bachelor lovers’ viewing parties the best in town with these silly Bachelor bingo cards. Each space is filled with a Bachelor cliché or trope. Up the stakes by letting whomever wins keep the leftover wine.

The Bachelor-themed coloring book

Photo credit: Punderella/Etsy

Dubbed “the most dramatic coloring book ever,” this best-selling book is definitely one of our favorite items on the list. All of the seasons are represented with pictures of your favorite cast members and villains, quotes and dates, plus there’s the Bachelor mansion. So freakin’ cute.

The Bachelor cheeseboard

If there’s one thing that goes perfectly with wine and The Bachelor, it’s some good cheese. And any viewing party host will love serving it on this cheese board engraved with arguably the most iconic Bachelor quote, “Will you accept this rose?”

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“Shhhh The Bachelor is on” wine glass

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Photo credit: IfYouWantItJustBuyIt/Etsy

Finishing up our list of best gifts for Bachelor lovers, of course, a Bachelor-themed wine glass. Because really, what is The Bachelor without a tall glass of red wine? This glass reminds everyone around to shut their mouths and listen to the TV because The Bachelor is on.

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