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Hubby hack: Breakfast in bed recipes she’ll actually eat this Mother’s Day

Photo credit: Envato Elements

Hey, hubby, looking to hit it out of the park by surprising your wife with an impressive breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day? Forget the expected — albeit appreciated — coffee, basic toast and fresh fruit ensemble. Instead, wake her up to an appetizing array of breakfast-in-bed recipes that will make this Mother’s Day the most mouthwatering holiday on the books.

Whether you’re manning the kitchen on your own or recruiting your kiddos to help, these easy Mother’s Day breakfast-in-bed recipes are sure to show your favorite lady that she’s the best mom ever.

Nutella-stuffed pancakes

Photo credit: Divas Can Cook

Plain old pancakes are so boring as a Mother’s Day breakfast-in-bed dish. But when you add the ridiculously addictive chocolate hazelnut spread Nutella to the mix, pancakes become a special dessert treat that are worth waking up for.

These Nutella-stuffed pancakes from Divas Can Cook are fluffy on the outside, ooey gooey good on the inside, and crazy-easy to make.

Pile a stack of these flapjacks on a plate, generously garnish with fresh strawberries, and give your wife a Mother’s Day breakfast she’ll beg you to make more often.

Easy pecan waffles with pecan praline sauce

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 1.37.50 PM
Photo credit: The Beach House Kitchen

These easy pecan waffles with pecan praline sauce from The Beach House Kitchen are the perfect Mother’s Day breakfast-in-bed treat for every mom who likes to feel pampered with scrumptious recipes made with love.

The warm, toasty pecan waffles come to the breakfast tray flaunting an irresistibly rich and sweet pecan praline sauce made with butter, cream, pecans and maple syrup. Watch your wife swoon as she devours bite after melt-in-your-mouth bite of the nutty waffles and lick her fork clean of the lip-smacking amazing sauce.

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Vegan and gluten-free matcha coconut waffles

Vegan matcha waffles
Photo credit: NatashaBreen/Getty Images

Harness the superfood that is matcha into one delicious, healthy brunch waffle. While it may sound like these gluten-free, vegan matcha coconut waffles are complicated to make, fear not, it’s as easy as combining ingredients into a bowl and pouring the batter onto a waffle iron. Serve these up to the lady in your life and show her you love her, “berry matcha.”

Strawberry kiwi fruit pizza


Pull out all the stops for this Mother’s Day breakfast in bed with an unexpected sweet and fruity dessert-style pizza.

A fun riff on savory pizza, this strawberry kiwi fruit pizza from Hungry Happenings features a sugar cookie crust topped with a fluffy whipped cream cheese marshmallow spread and a gorgeous arrangement of chopped fresh strawberries, kiwi and chocolate chips.

Arrange the fruit and chocolate to make the pizza resemble a big juicy slice of watermelon, or scatter the toppings any way you please.

Roasted red pepper and feta frittata

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 1.43.23 PM
Photo credit: Budget Bytes

For the mom who prefers a savory, spicy morning meal, this roasted red pepper and feta frittata from Budget Bytes is a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed winner.

A frittata is a hubby’s best friend because it doesn’t require the well-timed, high-skilled folding that omelets demand, yet the tasty ingredients are essentially the same. Simply combine the roasted red peppers, spinach, feta, milk and beaten eggs in an oven-safe skillet, then bake to yummy perfection in the oven.

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Strawberries and champagne grilled cheese

strawberry and champagne grilled cheese

Indulge this Mother’s Day with our decadent and flavorful strawberries and champagne grilled cheese recipe. To make this sandwich, layer strawberries, brie and a champagne sauce (we’ve got the recipe for that, too) and cook to crispy, melty perfection. This dish is best served with extra champagne sauce on the side for dipping. Oh, and with a glass of champagne, obviously.

Cabernet sangria Dole Whip

sangria dole whip final

Fruit counts as a healthy breakfast food right? So technically this cabernet sangria Dole Whip recipe fits the bill. It’s packed with blackberries, pineapple, orange juice and, oh yeah, cabernet wine (which is really just grapes, am I right?). What we’re saying is, you should really give mom the gift of fruit for Mother’s Day brunch. This recipe is especially satisfying if you’re planning on spending the day by the pool.

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Tropical mimosas

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 1.47.33 PM
Photo credit: Lemon Tree Dwelling

Want to be your wife’s Mother’s Day hero? Let her sleep in, then serve her breakfast in bed with these tropical mimosas from Lemon Tree Dwelling.

Bursting with fresh fruit, champagne and rum, these mimosas are so fun and festive, you’ll make them a Mother’s Day breakfast-in-bed tradition. Sure to brighten her morning, every effervescent, fruity sip will transport Mom to a tropical locale. Win extra points by giving her a back rub while she’s dreaming of warm, sunny beaches.

BONUS: Wine and waffle pairings

waffles on yellow background
Photo credit: tataks/Getty Images

If you know you want to give Mom the gift of a boozy brunch this Mother’s Day but have no idea what to serve, we’ve got the cheat-cheat for you. Sommelier Shelby Krause has perfectly paired ten waffle recipes with wine varietals so you can easily up your brunch game by complimenting the flavors in each dish. Cheers!

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