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12 scrumptious chocolate cake desserts


The possibilities for chocolate cake variations are endless. Whether layered, baked in a bundt pan, frosted or glazed, nothing is as delicious or satisfying. We’ve rounded up 14 of the absolute best chocolate cake desserts out there.

Chocolate lava cakes

We’ve all seen those beautiful chocolate lava cakes at restaurants. They come to the table piping hot, and once punctured, delicious chocolate oozes out all over the plate. Instead of fighting the restaurant crowds for a taste of that scrumptious dessert, make your own chocolate lava cakes from Chocolate Covered Katie. These are baked in a muffin tin and come in at around 200 calories per cake. They’re topped with whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream while still warm to complement the chocolate perfectly.

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Homemade chocolate poke cake

Homemade chocolate poke cake from Divas Can Cook starts with a homemade chocolate cake. Once the cake has been cooked, holes are poked throughout the surface, and then warm chocolate filling is poured all over. Let that sit and soak, and then frost the cake with a chocolate whipped cream. Every bit of this cake is moist and chocolatey!

Chocolate zucchini cake

No one would guess this next recipe has vegetables in it! Vegetables (fruits, too) yield incredibly moist results. Don’t believe it? Give this chocolate zucchini cake, by Sally’s Baking Addiction, a try. Frosted with an oh-so-decadent chocolate frosting and topped with chocolate chips, this cake has wow-appeal all over it.

Chocolate mug cake

Cake for one is perfect for those days when you want cake, but not a whole one. Budget Bytes’ chocolate mug cake is a quick dessert that quashes that chocolate craving. Just throw the ingredients in a microwaveable mug, heat for a minute at a time, and relish an excellent dessert for one. For something a little different, add some chocolate chips, a scoop of peanut butter or even berries.

Chocolate cake with mixed berry and cream cheese filling

Up your chocolate cake game with this chocolate cake with mixed berry and cream cheese filling from Jo Cooks. Moist cake is layered with mixed berries and cream cheese for a decadent, scrumptious dessert.

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Baileys chocolate sheet cake

Chocolate and Baileys Irish cream combine to make a tasty, creamy cake. The Irish cream gives this otherwise ordinary cake an extraordinary flavor. Give this Baileys chocolate sheet cake, by Lemon Tree Dwelling, a try.

Brown sugar and bacon chocolate cake

This brown sugar and bacon chocolate cake, from Sugar and Soul, will rock your world. The saltiness of bacon against the sweetness of brown sugar already work — but add chocolate, and the smoky, sweetness of this cake hits another level.

Devil dog cake

If you enjoyed Devil Dogs as a favorite after-school treat, you’ll love this Devil Dog cake from The Beach House Kitchen. Topped with an egg-white meringue, this chocolate cake creation brings old-school delight to your dessert plate.

Want more chocolate cake recipes? Try these!

Festive chocolate cake

This festive chocolate cake is a takeoff of plant-based brownies. Although the cake calls for eggplant — yes, eggplant — the flavor is all chocolate. The icing between the layers is a cashew cream colored with beetroot and other ingredients. This delicious plant-based option is a great way to sneak in some veggies while satisfying your cravings.

Chocolate chiffon cake with ganache glaze

Chocolate chiffon cake with ganache glaze checks off all the boxes for a craving-satisfier. Chiffon cake is silky, airy and rich, of course, but salty pistachios add something special to the mix. Frosted with chocolate ganache and dusted with nutty goodness, every bite is the perfect bit.

Chocolate dulce de leche cake

Chocolate dulce de leche cake has three layers, separated by dulce de leche buttercream, all topped with chocolate ganache. All in all, this is one luscious dessert.

Triple-chocolate bundt cake

Triple-chocolate bundt cake rounds out our chocolate cake collection, and it’s a doozy. Rich espresso flavor balances the cocoa, and a heavenly chocolate ganache and chocolate-chip topping prove that too much chocolate just isn’t a thing.

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