Frozen mango lava margarita

Yield 2 cocktails


For infusion

For cocktail


For infusion

  1. Remove stems from the chilis.
  2. Crack in half and remove most seeds.
  3. Place chilis into jar and fill with tequila.
  4. Let sit in cool dry place out of direct light for 4–6 hours.
  5. Strain tequila into clean jar.

For cocktail

  1. Rim glasses with chamoy and dip into tajin (or rim with lime slice and dip into tajin).
  2. In blender, combine mango, tequila, fruit juice, line, simple and ice.
  3. Blend until smooth and well incorporated, with no large bits of ice or mango remaining.
  4. If too thin, add more ice or frozen mango; if too thick, add more fruit juice.
  5. Serve in rimmed glasses, garnished with a lime wheel and whole dried chili.


  • You can use fresh diced mango, just use more ice and simple syrup. This version will be a bit milder in mango flavor, so we recommend using frozen mango.
  • Non-Frozen version: Use a few oz of mango juice or fresh mango puree and service over ice  
  • Virgin version: Omit the tequila, of course. But to keep the spice steep the chilies in your simple syrup to make a chili simple syrup. For the Syrup combine equal parts sugar and water add a few of the dried chilis de-seeded. Simmer over low heat until sugar is dissolved, and chilies are steeped, about 7-10 minutes. Do not let boil. Strain the syrup and use in the recipe. This should give you a similar chili kick in a minor friendly version.

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