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These sugar cookies will be the best you’ve ever tasted

A recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction

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Why make merely good sugar cookies when you can make them outrageously amazing! Sally McKenney, the genius behind Sally’s Baking Addition, shares her recipe for brown butter sugar cookies — sure to become a family favorite.

Sally makes these universally festive sweets with an ingredient that elevates them to gourmet bakery heights. That secret ingredient? Brown butter! A simple yet superlative ingredient that is a sugar cookie game changer!

Sprinkled series - Episodes

Brown butter is nothing more than a stick of butter melted in a skillet and cooked until its sunny yellow color deepens to a rich golden brown. The transformation from plain butter to nutty-tasting and intoxicatingly fragrant brown butter happens so quickly, you’ll be asking yourself why you haven’t been using brown butter in all your baked treats. The stick of butter will melt, foam, sputter, and brown in mere minutes. Once the brown butter cools a bit, it’s ready to impart its distinctive, if not staggeringly rich, toasty flavor to your sugar cookie dough.

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No need to gather your cookie cutters, this brown butter sugar cookie dough works best for drop cookies. Sally recommends dressing up the balls of cookie dough with your favorite array of sprinkles, then refrigerating the dough for a half-hour. This very necessary step will keep your scrumptious cookies from spreading into an unpleasant mess on the baking sheets. Chilling the dough balls solidifies that enchanting brown butter so your cookies bake into nonpareil-topped perfection.

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Adding brown butter to sugar cookies is an easy upgrade that will delight your sweet tooth and deliciously surprise your family and friends. We guarantee that once you nibble one of these heaven-sent treats, you’ll start making sugar cookies for every holiday on the calendar. You may just find yourself baking them for no other reason than that they are the best sugar cookies you’ve ever tasted.

Watch the full recipe video below — and then check out our other Sprinkled episodes on Grateful.Co.

>> Get the recipe here: Sally’s Brown Butter Sugar cookies

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Sprinkled series - Episodes

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