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How to make a pretty & patriotic 4th of July ribbon banner craft

It begins before Memorial Day and can be enjoyed until Labor Day and beyond! What is the “it” we’re referring to? Why, the red, white, and blue decorations that adorn homes in neighborhoods and towns across the country, of course! Seeing these decorations puts us in such a patriotic mood and this patriotic ribbon banner — inspired by The Ribbon Retreat — is a perfect DIY craft that can easily find a place in your home for several months.

This banner is a great way to get your home into the spirit of the holiday and to show off some good old fashioned American pride. And, as far as crafts go, they don’t get much easier than this.

Not counting fabric scissors that you likely already have, the only supplies you need are fabric ribbons of various sizes and patriotic colors and some twine or other material to tie the ribbons to. No gluing, pasting, or painting. No big mess to clean up and no fuss. Just a simple, inexpensive craft to do by yourself, with friends, or with help from your kids on a relaxing weekend afternoon.

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You can purchase ribbon material in a variety of patriotic colors, or cut your own ribbons of various lengths and widths from scraps of materials in any variety of the red, white, and blue color scheme. Bright colored ribbons will light up a room while muted, rustic colors harken back to older times. Choose the theme that works best with your decor.

If you can’t find twine, other options are cord material, garland, string or very thin ribbon for attaching the fabric pieces to. If going for the rustic look, consider tying the ribbons to a piece of lace.

If feeling ambitious, alternate red and white ribbons and add a blue square of fabric to the top, left corner. Adorn this blue square of fabric with some white sequins to create your own American flag ribbon banner.

Miniature versions of this banner would be an ideal craft for an elementary classroom. Minimal materials and easy clean-up would make this a teacher favorite!

This patriotic banner will look festive above a door, hanging from the corners of a mantle or mirror, or even on an entry table. Hang it on a deck or patio or along a fence to make your holiday gatherings festive for you and your guests. If you have plans to participate in a 4th of July parade, this banner could decorate a child’s wagon or car.

You’ll want to carefully put this decoration away after the holidays and haul it out year after year.

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Grab a piece of tape from dispenser

Very basic items are needed for this super-cute craft. No messy glue: just tape!

Cut piece of tape

Tape twine to table

Get your twine secured in place.

Tape twine to table

Attach ribbon to twine

Begin tying your festive ribbons to the twine.

Tie knot with ribbon to twine

Continue to tie on different colors and patterns of ribbon

Alternate various designs and colors to add interest to your banner.

Tie a different ribbon to twine

Variation makes the banner even more aesthetically pleasing

The more contrast you can get between textures, colors and designs the better!

Patriotic fabric banner

Patriotic ribbon banner


  • Twine (cut to desired length of banner)
  • Ribbon in theme colors – various widths and patterns best
  • Scissors


  1. To attach the ribbon to twine so that you only see the front of the ribbon, place the ends together, right side up. The top will form a loop.
  2. Place the loop 1″ above the twine.
  3. Take the stacked ends of the ribbon up behind the twine then through the loop. Pull down gently.
  4. Pull both ends of the ribbon to tighten the knot around the twine.
  5. Repeat with all of the ribbon.

Patriotic fabric banner

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