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Patriotic pool noodle firecracker centerpiece

Birthdays call for celebrations, and really, July 4th — the birthday of the United States of America — is a nationwide red, white and blue party, culminating with fireworks at dusk! How about firing it up with some easy fireworks decorations for your backyard celebration? This cute pool noodle firecracker centerpiece is easy and fun to make, and everyone around the table will love the creativity.

These are made with pool noodles. Since they get covered with patriotic scrapbook paper, you can use some you have lying around, or just pick up a few at the dollar store. Blue is best, because it’s easily hidden under the red, white and blue paper (and if any shows, it’s still color-coordinated).

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One key thing to remember when making these “fireworks”: Never apply hot glue right on to the noodle. Pool noodles melt! Instead, keep the glue on the scrapbook paper, attaching one end of the scrap paper to the other (not directly on the pool noodle). Tip: This works best if you cut the scrapbook paper a half inch or so longer than the length it would take to wrap around the noodle.

You can make these in a variety of sizes; just cut the noodle down to the size you want. You can even do a series of three or four, all in different sizes. Cover each one with coordinating scrap paper, tie them together with a red, white or blue ribbon, and use the set as a holiday centerpiece. It will look perfect on your picnic table at your Fourth of July celebration barbecue.

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Cut glitter paper to fit around pool noodle

Cutting glitter paper

Using a hot glue gun, glue glitter paper to pool noodle

Glue pool noodle to glitter paper

Roll paper onto pool noodle

Glue pool noodle to glitter paper

Stuff noodle with tissue paper

Stuff pool noodle with tissue paper

Insert decorative stem into paper-wrapped noodle

Stuff pool noodle with red white and blue streamer

Add star garland to center of noodle

Stuff pool noodle with star garland

This craft makes for a dazzling patriotic centerpiece

Pool noodle fire cracker

Use different colors to create a variation of centerpieces

Pool noodle fire cracker


  • Pool noodle (preferably blue)
  • Glitter scrapbook paper (one sheet in red, silver or blue)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Red tissue paper
  • Decorative stems


  1. Cut pool noodle to desired size.
  2. Measure scrapbook paper to pool noodle and cut to size.
  3. Apply hot glue to one end of the scrapbook paper. Do not apply the hot glue directly to the pool noodle!
  4. Wrap scrapbook paper around the noodle and apply glue to the other end of paper.
  5. Press paper down to secure to the back of the noodle.
  6. Cut a small piece of tissue paper approximately 6 inches wide.
  7. Gather tissue paper and press in center of top of pool noodle.
  8. Insert decorative stem into center of tissue paper/noodle.
  9. Celebrate!

Pool noodle fire cracker

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