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Patriotic parade wand

Need an excuse to shake a wand decorated with sequins and ribbons around and not have people look at you like you’re missing a few marbles? Thanks to the patriotic summer holidays — Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day — you’ve got a reason… and thanks to That’s What Che Said, we have just the patriotic parade wand to make!

It’s tons of fun to craft but, even more fun to use. Between performances, you can stick it into your potted plants, along your lawn, or in your garden as a decoration.

Forget about making only one of these wands. Your whole gang will want in on the fun — kids and adults alike. Many neighborhoods and communities come together for these celebrations, so why not make this a community craft and get your neighbors and their kiddos involved? Chose a weekend afternoon before the holidays begin, set up a long table out in the warm sun, have families contribute to the needed supplies, and make it a fun get-together. Adults can help little hands with some of the steps (why should the kids have all the fun?).

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Hot-glue guns are the bomb when it comes to crafting, minus the occasional finger burn. They’re not the only choice of adhesive, though. If making these fun wands becomes a group affair, especially if it’s done outside, then you might want to consider other choices. Some options that will work just as effectively are liquid glue, fabric glue and spray adhesive.

If you love all things that sparkle and glitter, wrap your wand with sequin trim! If some of your crew don’t find the same joy in sequins as you, a good alternative for covering the dowel rods is decorative washi and duct tape. You can find these in patriotic colors and designs, and wrapping them around the dowel is a piece of cake. Red, white, and blue paint is another option; go solid, or create stripes, tiny stars or fireworks, if you’re that kind of ambitious.

We made our wands with wooden dowels, but PVC pipe is a good choice, too, especially if you plan on using your wands as decorations.

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Screw eyelet into wooden dowel

Attach metal screw to wooden rod

Wrap wooden dowel with gold sequin ribbon

Wrap gold sequin ribbon around wooden rod

Loop ribbon through eyelet

Pull ribbon threw metal screw

Tie ribbon and tulle to eyelet

Tie knot with white tulle

Add and tie more ribbon to wand

Tie knot with red ribbon

A sparkly wand fit for a patriotic parade!

Patrotic wand

Use many colors & types of ribbon to make a variety of wands

Patriotic wands in glass jar

Patriotic parade wand


  • 3/8-inch dowel rod
  • 3/4-inch eyelet with screw end
  • 1/2- to 1-inch-wide sequin trim
  • 2-foot lengths of ribbon and tulle
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Star garland


  1. Screw eyelet into top of dowel.
  2. Place dot of glue at bottom of dowel.
  3. Press end of sequin trim into glue.
  4. Wrap dowel with sequin trim all way to top.
  5. Place another spot of glue at top and press sequin trim in glue to secure it on dowel.
  6. Tie star garland around bottom of eyelet.
  7. Loop ribbon through eyelet and tie in knot.
  8. Tie tulle around bottom of eyelet.
  9. Trim all materials to desired length.

Patriotic wands

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