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Nothing says summer like this sensational strawberry shortcake

A recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction

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When summer strawberry season is in full swing, get in your kitchen and bake Sally McKenney’s sensational strawberry shortcake. The food blogger and founder of Sally’s Baking Addiction shares her recipe and best baking tips to make delectable berry treat.

Forget those store-bought shortcakes and whipped cream in a can. Every single scrumptious component of Sally’s strawberry shortcake is made from scratch. It may sound complicated, but McKenney is an excellent teacher. Follow her tips and tricks and you’ll be noshing on this irresistible dessert in just about 30 minutes.

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McKenney’s recipe for her from-scratch shortcake is a sweet buttermilk biscuit recipe made by hand. Though you can use a food processor or pastry cutter, McKenney wants to be able to “feel” when the dough is ready to be rolled and cut with a biscuit cutter. Her secret for the best shortcakes? Make sure all the ingredients are as cold as possible. She even puts the flour in the freezer to chill it. McKenney also bakes the shortcakes nestled together in a cast-iron skillet, which helps the biscuits rise to great heights.

Preparing the strawberries is a simple endeavor. All you need to do is macerate perfectly ripe strawberries with sugar. McKenney recommends prepping the strawberries the day you bring them home.

Homemade whipped cream makes the strawberry shortcake an extra special dessert. Best yet, making whipped cream is so easy you’ll be wondering why you ever bought that canned stuff in the first place. McKenney’s trick for fast, fluffy, impressive whipped cream? Start by chilling the mixing bowl and whisk and use chilled heavy cream. The cold temperature helps the cream whip up to billowy perfection.

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When it’s time to assemble the dessert, split a shortcake in half and pile it high with sweetened strawberries and whipped cream. Sally’s sensational strawberry shortcake can also be prepped the day before you plan to serve it. Prepare each component — biscuits, strawberries, and whipped cream — and keep them seperate in the refrigerator until you’re ready to surprise your family and friends with one of summer’s best treats.

Click here for Sally’s sensational strawberry shortcake recipe.

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