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Easy red, white & blue patriotic candleholders

Patriotic displays and decorations spring up everywhere when summertime holidays roll around. Get in on the fun with these red, white and blue patriotic candleholders, inspired by a craft at From House To Home! They’re cute, inexpensive, fun — and easy to make.

Whether you’re decorating for a small indoor gathering or a backyard extravaganza, these candleholders will make the setting flat-out glow with red, white and blue. You don’t have to save this fun project for a get-together, though; it’s equally suited as a small touch of holiday color on table or shelf.

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Before you shop for supplies, take a peek in your pantry — you probably already have rice, good old-fashioned food coloring and stemless wine glasses. Pick up some flameless tealight candles, and you’ll be all set. (Make sure there is no actual flame involved. Rice does catch fire, and that’ll ruin a party in a hurry.)

Kids of all ages can handle this craft easily. They can help measure the rice and mix in the food coloring. A drop or two extra won’t matter; that’ll just make for more intense colors. Let the kids shake up the (tightly-sealed) bags like tambourines, and you’ll have the rice colored up in no time. Just keep a vacuum or broom close by for easy cleanup.

If you’re going to use your candleholders outside, you might want to invest in a cheap set of stemless wine glasses rather than use your good ones. Dollar and thrift stores are good sources. Better yet, buy some plastic ones, and then you won’t have to worry if they get knocked over by flailing arms, tossed frisbees, or rambunctious pets.

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For a slight variation (and a great art project for a group or classroom of kiddos), use clear plastic cups in place of wine glasses and small flags or stars on sticks that can be sunk down into the rice.

When you’re ready to dispose of the candleholders, make sure to throw the rice in the trash and not on the ground. Rice doesn’t make birds’ stomachs explode (contrary to the popular myth), but the food coloring is not good for them or any other critters. Plus, it’s a mess!

The materials here will make approximately three centerpieces, but you can double or triple the amount of rice if you’re using this as an art project for a classroom, or to light up your deck or backyard.

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Gather supplies to make a patriotic candleholder

Gather three bags of rice, dye, glass and tealight

Drop red food coloring in one bag of rice

Drop red dye in one bag of rice

Mix until all rice turns red, repeat with blue coloring

Mix until all rice turns red, repeat with blue dye for Patriotic candleholder

Use a funnel to layer the red rice into glass

Use a funnel to layer the red rice into stemless wine glass

Repeat with white, then blue rice

Repeat with white, then blue rice

Top with a tealight candleholder

Easy red, white and blue patriotic candleholders with tealight

How festive are these patriotic candleholders?

How festive is this Patriotic candleholder?

It couldn’t get any easier – and so cute

It couldn't get any more simple!

Fun and unique party decorations

Easy red, white and blue patriotic candleholders

Add these patriotic candleholders to your holiday decor!

Fun and unique party decor!


  • 6 cups rice
  • Measuring cup
  • 2 two-gallon Ziploc bags (one for red rice, one for blue)
  • Blue and red food coloring (liquid, not gel)
  • 3 stemless wine glasses
  • 3 tealight candles


  1. Place about two cups of rice in a plastic zipper bag. (Exact amount of rice depends on the size of glass you use.)
  2. Use 20-30 drops of red food coloring, depending on the shade of red you want.
  3. Seal bag.
  4. Mix rice and food coloring in the bag until well blended.
  5. Repeat the process for the blue rice.
  6. Pour red rice into the bottom of the stemless wine glass.
  7. Pour on a layer of white rice.
  8. Pour on a layer of blue rice.
  9. Turn on the candle.
  10. Place the candle inside the glass on top of the rice.
  11. Repeat for other glasses.

Patriotic candleholders are classy and classic decorations

Patriotic candleholders

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