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4th of July horoscopes: What does the day have in store for your sign?

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The Fourth of July is the seminal event of the summer. Barbecues and fireworks abound. But did you know you can actually use astrology to help you make the most of your day? That’s right; astrology doesn’t take a break on holidays. We’ve got your Fourth of July horoscopes.

On July 4th, the moon will be in the sign of Leo, while the sun will be in the sign of Cancer. Find out what this means for your sign below.


With the moon in a fellow fire sign, you will be full of energy and ready for excitement. Seize the day as only an Aries could — hop from barbecue to barbecue, light some sparklers and set off spectacular, fiery fireworks.


Bask in the warmth of the Leo moon, Taurus. Get together with beloved friends and family for a day of good-natured fun. Tauruses love good food and creature comforts, so take pleasure in a day of eating fresh foods alfresco alongside good company.

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Airy Geminis love socializing and exchanging ideas with friends. Hit up a party or barbecue where there will be lots of people with whom to mingle. Talk, laugh and play the whole day. Your inner child will be happy.


With the sun in your sign, you’ll be feeling yourself today. Surround yourself with people you love, but don’t get caught up in taking care of everyone else, Cancer. Be present and simply enjoy the day.


The moon is in your sign, so you’ll be feeling a double dose of Leo energy. Let yourself be the life of the party; it comes naturally to you. You’ll be sure to keep everyone around you entertained and feeling good.


You may feel the need to organize and plan your Fourth of July down to the nanosecond, Virgo, but ignore that impulse. Let the Leo moon guide you. Lighten up and see where the day takes you. This holiday is a day for play, not work.


You love a good celebration, Libra, and today will be no exception. Head to a friend’s house or host all your loved ones at yours. Socialize and love on everyone as only a Libra can. Should things get too rowdy, you can be counted on to keep the peace and make sure everybody is having fun.


Branch out today, Scorpio. You may prefer the company of a few close people you trust, but let this Leo moon invigorate and energize your spirit. Open up and make new friends or forge closer bonds with casual friends today. You’ll be so glad you did.

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The Leo moon lends itself well to Sagittarius. You’ll be feeling creative and fiery in the best way. Spend some time outdoors or hang out with your most inspiring friends. Let today nurture your mind, body and spirit.


Time to put the work on hold, Capricorn. It’s time to play. Find whatever role it is that speaks to you today — don’t be surprised if that includes manning the grill. It’s just your natural boss energy shining through.


Let your freak flag fly today. If you want to entertain your friends with little-known fun facts about Independence Day, go for it. Your friends will appreciate your quirky presence and love learning all about the history of fireworks from you.


The fiery nature of the Leo moon may feel a little foreign to you, Pisces, but remember the sun is in fellow water sign Cancer. Allow fire and water to meet in passion. Let your passions be your guide today and follow your bliss.

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