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12 Hanukkah crafts for kids

How do you celebrate the eight days of Hanukkah with your children? Of course you need a dreidel, gelt, and a traditional menorah, but don’t forget to set aside family time to make some of these handmade Hanukkah craft ideas for kids. Whether you are looking for a way to create artistic Hanukkah decorations for your home, let toddlers light their own fireproof menorah, or just need a fun Hanukkah activity for bathtime, we have you covered.

Hanukkah crafting is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your family, and every moment you spend together making something will create memories that your children will take with them for the rest of the year. Crafting alongside one another is a great way to bring people of all ages together and strengthen family bonds.

Each of these clever Hanukkah crafts can be made with simple craft supplies that you can find at the craft store, dollar store, or in your own craft supply cupboard.

Hanukkah Crafting Party: Light some candles, make your favorite treats, and invite friends and family over for a cozy craft night. Just set craft supplies out on your kitchen table and demonstrate the activity while your guests follow along.

1. Spinning origami dreidel

Looking for a unique dreidel craft idea (that actually works as a dreidel when you’re done)? Fold a dreidel from paper, origami-style, following the instructions found on Bible Belt Balabusta. Don’t miss all the helpful tips and tricks for successfully folding an spinning origami dreidel, making them with kids, and even taking this craft to a carnival as an activity station.

This origami dreidel can be made from many different types of paper, so use up scraps of extra gift wrapping paper (cut to a square) to fold festive dreidels, or use traditional origami paper, or regular printer paper. Children can practice writing the appropriate Hebrew letters on the sides of the dreidel using markers.

Younger children might need help completing the origami folds (especially toward the end, as the folds get thicker), but try to let them do as much of the craft as they can by themselves.

Once folded, this paper dreidel actually spins, so don’t forget to play dreidel when you’re done! Provide game pieces such as matchsticks, chocolate chips, pennies, or nuts.

Dreidel necklace craft: It’s quick and easy to turn these paper dreidels into necklaces. Cut a piece of yarn or embroidery floss to size and hot glue it to the top of the dreidel.

2. Watercolor dreidel craft for Hanukkah

Here’s an artistic way to celebrate Hanukkah with your family, a watercolor dreidel craft by Creative Jewish Mom. This colorful project is a fantastic art activity for kids of any age. Babies can paint these dreidel shapes with their fingers, and older kids (and adults) will enjoy expressing their creativity by painting them in any way they can imagine.

This craft is made by cutting watercolor paper into a dreidel shape and then painting with watercolors. Older children and adults can cut the simple dreidel shape from the paper by themselves, but if you are crafting with babies or toddlers, provide them with pre-cut watercolor paper.

Supplies: Any watercolor paints will work, from a box of school watercolors, to fancy watercolor paints that come in tubes. For best painting results, buy a pad of watercolor paper at your local art or craft store, and pick up extra watercolor paints while you are there.

While simple, the craft is very versatile and once the dreidels are painted and dried, they will make fantastic holiday decorations.

Watercolor dreidel garland: gather all the dreidel paintings and punch a hole in the top of each. String each painting on a piece of yarn, and hang the garland on your fireplace, window frame, or stair banister.

Embellish it: once the dreidels are dry, take them to the next level by adding embellishments like rhinestones, Hanukkah stickers, or adding a homemade tassel to the bottom of the dreidel.

3. Hanukkah Menorah craft

The menorah is definitely the highlight of all Hanukkah activities, and even small kids want to be involved with lighting the menorah, but how do you involve small kids when they aren’t big enough to light candles safely? Simple, create a special menorah just for the littles. This clothespin Menorah craft by Moms and Crafters is a great option, featuring clever non-fire flames that are perfect for toddler or preschoolers to handle safely.

For this craft, the goal is to provide a special menorah just for small kids so they can participate in the tradition of lighting. It’s never too early to start making Hanukkah memories! In addition, this menorah helps toddlers and preschoolers develop their fine motor skills, as they will pinch the “flames” and place them into the clothespin “candles.” Kids will also get practice counting while they light the appropriate number of candles each evening.

Made of cardboard, clothespins, and pipe cleaners, this craft is sturdy enough to withstand little hands. The addition of washi tape makes this menorah very cute, and you will enjoy displaying it in your home among your other Hanukkah decorations. Find the supplies for this craft at your local craft or dollar store, or maybe you already have what you need in your craft closet. You will need cardboard, washi tape, clothespins, duct tape, glue, a craft knife, and pipe cleaners.

If you have older children, enlist help to create this simple and fun menorah craft for their younger siblings. Then let them help the younger siblings “light” the menorah candles in the correct order, count the candles, and practice the other skills necessary for tending to the menorah during Hanukkah.

4. Hanukkah luminaries

Hanukkah crafts aren’t just for indoors — use the instructions for these Hanukkah luminaries from Make and Takes to create a pretty holiday display for your front porch or patio. These pretty lanterns feature an easy-to-stamp Star of David design, and make a striking display for your yard when they are lit up for the eight days of Hanukkah.

Making Hanukkah luminaries is a simple craft, and can be made by kids of any age. Very young kids can simply finger paint or draw on the paper bags and an adult can stamp the Star of David onto the paper bags afterward. Older kids will be able to complete the craft without much help.

Find supplies to make these holiday luminaries at the dollar store or craft store. You need paper bags, acrylic craft paint, a triangle cookie cutter, and decorative-edged scissors. If you would like to add additional embellishments, Hanukkah stickers, self-stick rhinestones, or tying ribbon to the tops of the luminaries would be fun to incorporate into this craft. You will also need one battery-operated candle for each luminary.

Before you start: you’ll want to protect your work surface before you begin, so spread out a vinyl tablecloth or newspapers to keep your table clean. Be sure to clean up any paint spills immediately before the paint dries. Alternately, create washable paint by adding a couple drops of dish soap to the paint. Wash paint off of hands after crafting, and provide paint smocks or old t-shirts to protect the clothes of young crafters.

Neighborhood craft party: this craft is a good choice for a neighborhood crafting party. The supplies are inexpensive and the techniques are simple. When the party is over, just think of how beautiful the neighborhood will be when all the luminaries are lit up outside.

Indoor luminaries: hang each bag from the inside of your front window using cup hooks inserted into the top of the window sill. Punch holes in each luminary and use ribbon or yarn to hang each lantern from the cup hooks in the window.

5. Chanukah bath

Sometimes you just need a fun little activity to keep the kids busy for a few minutes. This Chanukah bath craft activity is the perfect little thing to keep young kids busy while they are in the bath!

To make a festive Hanukkah bath, simply cut craft foam into shapes that make a menorah, gelt, dreidels, and other essential holiday shapes. Toss the foam pieces into the bathtub, and kids can use the wet foam to create Hanukkah pictures on the walls of the bath. They will enjoy building the menorah, then lighting it over and over.

A Hanukkah bath is a low-key way for children to practice counting the candles on the menorah, and parents can use the time to share the story of Hanukkah as well as other fun family stories.

The only supply you need for this craft is sheets of craft foam, which you can find at the craft store or dollar store. Just cut the pieces you need before it’s bath time! You can also use pre-cut geometric shapes, if desired.

Safety tip: Be sure to supervise children while they are in the bath, and make sure the foam pieces don’t go in their mouths or down the drain.

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