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Top 10 kid-friendly Halloween crafts you can make at home

10 Kid-friendly Halloween crafts

This Halloween, pull out the crafting supplies and get your hands a little dirty! We have pulled together the best craft ideas for boys and girls of all ages–we have something for toddlers all the way up to tweens and teens. From simple paper crafts worthy of pinning to the windows, to more complex projects worthy of a gift, your bases are covered.

My almost-three-year-old LOVES crafts, and she could help me make a lot of these gems. And the beauty of most of these is that they can be saved and reused for decor year after year. Which also provides really sentimental memories.

Whether you’re looking to simply spend quality having a little fun, or want to create lasting memories, you’ll find something here.

Mummy Halloween Candy Cans

Halloween mummy candy cans

These adorable mummy Halloween candy cans are an easy and festive way to serve the kids their Halloween treats! You can fill them with candy, stickers, pencils, and small toys for a gift they’ll remember. Whether you’re bringing trinkets to your kids’ school Halloween party, or presenting something special to your nieces and nephews, you can’t go wrong with a homemade gift. And, you can’t go wrong by going green! All these take to make are recycled tin cans, black spray paint, cheesecloth, and googly eyes. The kids will love helping to craft these candy cans.

Bat Slime

DIY Halloween bat slimeI can’t think of one kid who wouldn’t have a squishy-good time playing with this Halloween bat slime! It’s so much easier to make than it looks, too! With just Borax,  clear glue, water, and bat confetti, you have your very own slime! Half the fun will be making it. This would be an awesome, gooey DIY Halloween toy for the kiddos in your life. Store it in an old Tupperware container for longtime use.

Pinecone Bats

Halloween pinecone bats

If your kids are anything like mine, they love to go out on nature hikes. Make an afternoon of hunting the crisp outdoors for the perfect pinecones to make these pinecone bats. This is a great reason to go out exploring this fall. Give this cute Halloween craft as a gift to your child’s teacher, or even a grandparent. Or proudly display it as your centerpiece during Halloween dinner. All you need to make one is a pinecone, craft felt, and googly eyes–so easy!

Halloween Owl Wreath

DIY Halloween owl wreath

This takes Halloween DIY door decor to the next level. It’s fancy and festive, and the older kids will love helping you put this together. It would also make a pretty gift, and is perfect to display from the start of October through Thanksgiving, so you’ll get a lot of use out of it. This twig wreath also has pumpkins, feathers, and other crafting supplies you can easily find at a craft supply store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

Spider Suckers

DIY spider suckers

A trick and a treat! We love these DIY spider suckers because they’re a cute plaything for the small kids and when they’re done scaring each other with them they can eat them up! These are totally easy to make too, with lollipops, pipe cleaners and googly eyes. If you’re super motivated, make these with your little ones to drop in trick-or-treaters treat bags. They’re so simple, but are still a nice way to spend a morning or afternoon together.

Stained Glass Pumpkin

Stained Glass Pumpkin craft

I love displaying homemade holiday decor. It’s affordable, it’s cute, and it’s memorable. You can save these stained glass pumpkins to display year after year, too. Then, when you pull them out 10 years later, you remember when your child was two and you had so much fun making them together–be sure to write the year on the back so you’ll never forget when it was made. Homemade decorations are the best decorations. These would also make a lovely Halloween gift for friends or family.

Glitter and Watercolor Pumpkins

watercolor pumpkins

If you’re looking for an alternative to carving a pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern, simply paint them! These pretty painted pumpkins will add a sweet touch to your Halloween decor! Not everything has to be black and ghoulish. And no one else on your block will be displaying anything like them. Letting your kids use a pumpkin as a blank canvas is a creative way to celebrate the holiday. And bonus, all you need is paint (not even brushes if you let them use their fingers)!

Monster Doors

Halloween monster door

The kids will have an absolute blast helping to decorate your front door with a monster! The only issue will be deciding which monster door to create! These are made with a simple combination of colorful construction paper, paper plates, cardboard, tissue paper, paper bags, paint, spider webs, and basically anything else you can find around the house or garage to make a monster out of your door! Trick-or-treaters will like this scary surprise.

Halloween Gumball Necklace

Halloween gumball necklace

As a girl, I remember loving candy necklaces. Well now you can make your own with your children! All you need to make a candy-corn-colored necklace like this are gumballs, ribbon, and crafting tools. If you’re hosting a Halloween party and need kid-friendly favors, or your kids would like to bring their friends a small Halloween token, these would be a great fit. They’re so cute, it’s almost a bummer to eat them.

Creepy Jello Worms

edible Halloween worms of jello

We had to include an edible craft in this roundup, especially one that the boys will like! These creepy Halloween worms are made with jello and plastic straws. Super fun and easy to prepare, and sure to freak out even those who aren’t very squeamish! Eat at your own risk.

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