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The best Halloween memes to share on social media

Best Halloween memes

Halloween has so many delightful traditions: amazing costumes, hours of trick-or-treating, haunted houses and, of course, sharing the very best and funniest Halloween memes on social media — definitely ones that are much better and funnier than your friends’ Halloween memes.

Now that you’ve got your spooky Twitter name up and running, your jack-o’-lantern and a bag of mini Kit Kats at your side, it’s time to up your spooky meme game in time for Oct. 31. And don’t worry, we have you covered like a vampire in a coffin (ah-ha-ha-ha!).

Best Halloween memes

Let’s get started. Because once you have the best Halloween memes, you can haunt ’em — er, flaunt ’em.

First things first

Don’t be that person who gives out non-candy items on Halloween. Yes, candy isn’t the best thing, but this is a holiday. We don’t want your apples or your dimes or your Halloween pencils or your pumpkin erasers. We are here for candy.

Best Halloween memes

Have you ever really thought about skeletons?

Poor skeletons. They get such a bad rap, but if you think about it, there is one inside of every single one of us. Really, we’re all just skeletons trapped in a normal person’s body. So, maybe be nicer to our skeleton friends this Halloween season.

Best Halloween memes

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Because nothing’s scarier than adulting

Yes, the undead are scary. Warlocks and ghouls are also scary. But what about your student loan payment that’s about to come due? What about the thought of spending your entire life with Craig? I mean, Craig’s a wonderful boyfriend, but do you want your kids to look kind of like him?

Best Halloween memes

And don’t forget some Halloween toilet humor

Is this Halloween decoration meant for the bathroom? Or is it a typo? We honestly have no idea, but we also know exactly whose page we’re going to post this on come Oct. 31.

Best Halloween memes

We can’t possibly have Halloween without David S. Pumpkins, whoever he is

Literally the only good thing that has happened in the last two years is the invention of David S. Pumpkins, the Tom Hanks character from the now-classic SNL sketch “Haunted Elevator.” Honestly, we had trouble picking a GIF out of dozens of priceless memes and moments, but this one is one of our favorites.

Tom Hanks Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live - Find & Share on GIPHY

Here’s a good do-it-yourself decoration idea

OK, so this is kind of grim and creepy, but isn’t that what Halloween is all about? Why, yes. Yes, it is.

Best Halloween memes

We’ve all felt like this, even if it hasn’t happened to us

Ever since Bridget Jones dressed up as a tart for a theme party where the theme had been canceled, humans have lived in fear of being the person who didn’t quite understand what kind of event they were attending. Like this.

Best Halloween memes

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The parents of these children should win some type of award

Not only are these costumes absolutely 100, but the expressions on both their faces are too perfect for words. And the girl’s hair! Add your own Halloween-inspired text to this one and you have Halloween meme gold.

Best Halloween memes

Of course, we need a shout-out to Hocus Pocus

We know that the people who don’t like Halloween are absolutely not reading this post, so we feel totally confident in saying that those people suck.

Best Halloween memes

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Let’s also mix cultural references to the ‘70s and ‘80s

Is it blood? Is it Kool-Aid? Who’s to say?

Best Halloween memes

Halloween memes should also ask the tough questions

While we’re thinking of it, can a skeleton get bitten by a zombie or a vampire?

Best Halloween memes

Like, why are you so self-centered?

But seriously, though. Let’s think about the feelings of vampires, and what they must go through just to remain undead.

Best Halloween memes

This one will help your friends with their costume ideas

Oh, sheet, these costumes really elevate the good-old-linens-with-the-eyes-cut-out shtick.

Best Halloween memes

Or maybe you want to throw some shade on All Hallows’ Eve

Do you love Halloween, but you’re also a little sassy? Here’s one for your Facebook friend who appears to have the perfect life on social media, but who is falling apart at the seams in the real world.

Best Halloweeen memes

And this one is for the heroes who work on Halloween night

This one goes out to the doctors and nurses, to those in the service industry, to those on the third shift, to those who have non-traditional jobs and to those who just couldn’t get the night off. We salute you.

Best Halloween memes

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Finally, let us never forget the greatest pumpkin dance and Halloween meme of all time

According to legend, the storied “KXVO Pumpkin Dance” came about after a do-it-yourself newscaster was trying to fill some time after the news. The world, and Halloween, have never been the same since. And we are so glad.

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