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Rainbow paper tube bats Halloween craft

Don’t know about you, but bats give us the heebie jeebies. Big googly eyes, huge ears, scrawny black bodies – they’re just one big, flying ball of creepy! That’s why we love these rainbow paper tube bats, inspired by: Hello Wonderful, that are all bright, happy colors and ooze cuteness. Nothing scary about these at all!

These paper tube bats are so simple to make and require just a few, inexpensive materials you’ll want a whole colony of bats to roost in your home. If you are organized enough to plan ahead, you can begin saving your empty toilet paper rolls for this project long before you need them. If not, you can buy the rolls at your local craft or dollar store. If you can find them already in different colors, that will save you a step. Otherwise, the plain rolls can be covered with construction paper or lightly painted. Construction paper will make it easy to make bats in all the colors of the rainbow. Spray paint will give them a light, even color and is quick and easy to use.

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Just as no two bats are exactly alike, yours should have their own style and personality. Halloween doesn’t have to be all about orange and black. Why not add some bright colors to the mix? If we can have pumpkins of all colors and designs, why can’t we brighten up our bats as well? Who says bats can’t be bright blue, hot pink, or lime green? It’s good to stand out from the crowd. Use black construction paper to create your own wing design or get some inspiration and templates here Kids could even trace their handprint for wings.

Find some fun, silly, or scary googly eyes – or all three! Variety is a good thing. Don’t forget to give your bat some fangs using white craft foam or construction paper. Glue the wings and eyes to your bat and the “hard” work is done.

These paper tube bats are a perfect craft activity for a classroom of bat loving kids. Ask each kid to provide their own toilet paper roll, get some googly eyes donated, grab construction paper and white glue – don’t forget some parent volunteers – and you’re all set! You could even hang the bats upside down in your classroom to create your own bat cave and send them home right before Halloween.

At your home, these adorable bats can add some holiday color to a mantle, shelf, or table. Add some pipe cleaner legs and you can hang them upside down from a houseplant or tree in your yard. Fill them with candy and give them away as special treats for family and friends. Who knew bats could be so much fun?

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Cut bat wings out of construction paper

You may already have on hand just about all of the items for this craft. So simple and great for the kiddos!

Cut bat wings out of construction paper

Cut a white square from craft foam for rainbow paper tube bat

This form the teeth on your rainbow paper tube bat. Make them as long or short as you wish!

Cut white square from craft foam for Rainbow paper tube bat

Push in ends of paper tubes

Gently press the bottoms in on either side of the paper tubes. This helps the bats to stand up better.

Push in ends of cardboard tubes

Use glue gun to adhere eyes to paper tubes

Getting the googly eyes on is essential! A little hot glue should do the trick.

Use glue gun to adhere glue to paper tube

Press eyes and teeth on over hot glue

Secure the googly eyes and teeth onto the front of the rainbow paper tube bat, until the glue is set.

Press eyes and teeth on over hot glue

Glue wings on back of paper tubes

The most important part: the wings! Secured well to the back of the paper tubes, again with hot glue.

Glue wings on back of paper tube

Are these not the most adorable bats you’ve ever seen?

The kids will love these Rainbow paper tube bats for the holidays. They are so fun and easy to make.

Are these not the most adorable bats you've ever seen?

These rainbow paper tube bats are simple and so cute!

You can’t help but love these guys.

These rainbow paper tube bats are simple and so cute!

Happy, silly bats all lined up!

These bats will make anyone smile…even on the scariest holiday of the year!

All lined up!

They make for fun and festive decor!

Hang them inside or outside to liven up your home for the holidays.

They make for fun and festive decor


  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Toilet paper roll – i purchased the tubes at michaels already colored. It is possible to use a regular toilet paper roll and cover it with
  • construction paper
  • White craft foam
  • Googly eyes


  1. Cut out wing for the bat to whatever shape you prefer
  2. Trace and cut out second wing
  3. Cut out two fangs in the shape of triangles out of the white craft foam
  4. Glue the wings to the back of the bat
  5. Flip over and glue the googly eyes and the foam fangs

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