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5 great mother & daughter Halloween costume ideas

Mother daughter costume ideas for Halloween 2018

Halloween is mere weeks away, and there’s a hitch in your holiday plans. You need mother & daughter Halloween costume ideas that — here’s the catch — you don’t have to make (who has time for that?) but will still get to your door in time for an evening of trick-or-treating with your best girl.

Shelve your mama guilt and take a deep breath, because such costume pairings do exist. And, yep, they can be shipped right to your door.

Whether the rest of your family bailed on coordinated costumes at the last minute or you just got a late start in sourcing costumes for some mother-daughter fun, you can still find the perfect combo in time for Halloween.

Case in point? The following five mother-daughter costume ideas are sure to turn the bewitching hour into a bonding experience.

Elastigirl & Violet

The secret’s out! The two of you can finally reveal your superpowers to the world when you dress up as Helen and Violet Parr. This mother-daughter super-duo should be a big hit this year given the success of Incredibles 2 at the box office over the summer. (Elastigirl at Amazon, $39.98; Violet at Amazon, $26.48)

Mother daughter costume ideas The Incredibles
Photo credit: Amazon

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Starbucks barista & “Cuddly Cappuccino”

Ready to get your fix of caffeine and cuddles this Halloween? You get to wear a comfy all-black ensemble and just toss a signature apron over it to transform into a ‘Bux barista. You precious little one — looking sweeter than any real-life Frappuccino — will steal the show as a frothy coffee beverage. (Starbucks apron at Amazon, $15.50; Cuddly cappuccino at Amazon, $26.12)

Mother daughter costume ideas Starbucks
Photo credit: Amazon

Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader & Brite Bomber

You know what they say: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Lean into the viral gaming craze sweeping the nation’s youth by dressing as Fortnite’s Cuddle Team Leader. Your daughter, aka the Brite Bomber, will think her mom’s the coolest. (Cuddle Team Leader at Amazon, $149.99; Brite Bomber at Amazon, $57.99)

Mother daughter costume ideas Fortnite
Photo credit: Amazon

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Morticia & Wednesday Addams

Black is such a lovely color, don’t you agree? Your Halloween alter ego Morticia certainly does. The Addams family matriarch will forever be a favorite icon of the dark holiday, and there’s no one she’d rather spend it with than her family. Your daughter will probably get a kick out of the fact that, as Wednesday, she gets to wear black lipstick and a liberal puffing of face powder. (Morticia at Amazon, $58.98; Wednesday at Amazon, $28.86)

Mother daughter costume ideas Morticia and Wednesday Addams
Photo credit: Amazon

Mummy & Peppa Pig

If your household includes a little girl under the age of eight, you can be a hero in her eyes on Halloween — and it doesn’t have to involve dressing as an actual superhero. Nope, all you’ve gotta do is agree to go as the mother of the adored swine: Peppa Pig! On the plus side, being Mummy Pig means your daughter will want to hang out with you and you get to have fun with a British accent. (Mummy Pig at Amazon, $41.99; Peppa Pig at Amazon, $39.99)

Mother daughter costume ideas Peppa and Mummy Pig
Photo credit: Amazon

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