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Fun & free printable Halloween word search

Halloween arms and candy
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Here’s a fun Thanksgiving word search that kids will love — a printable puzzle that is all about this special day!

The 20 words to find in this Thanksgiving word search: AUTUMN, BATS, BOO, CANDY, COSTUMES, GHOST, HALLOWEEN, HAUNTED, JACKOLANTERN, MONSTER, MUMMY, OCTOBER, ORANGE, PUMPKIN, SKELETON, SPIDER, SPOOKY, TRICK, TREAT, VAMPIRE. You’ll find words going up and down, left to right, backwards and forwards, and even diagonally.

You can click on the image below to get a larger version to print — and if you’re using a homeschooling curriculum or are a school teacher, you are welcome to print off copies for educational/classroom use. (You can also find the answer key below!)

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Print your copy of our Halloween word search

Word search - Halloween

Looking for the solution to this free Halloween word search? Wonder no more — just click here!

If you want to be able to color the Jack o’Lantern shown on the puzzle worksheet, click here for a bigger version to print!

Cute Halloween Jack O Lantern coloring

Before you go, learn how to draw like a pro from a comic artist:

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