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Eerie eats: 10 Hauntingly delicious Halloween party foods to conjure up

If your Halloween party menu doesn’t already include spooky spiders, witches’ fingers and barfing pumpkins, allow us to help liven it up. Your party, whether for adults, kids or both, would be incomplete without fun — and sometimes gross! — Halloween party foods. If you’re looking for unique yet easy Halloween nibbles, you’ve come to the right place.

Spooky spider cheese ball

Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without a few spiders strewn about. If you want the spiders to quickly disappear without needing to be flushed down the toilet, just make these spooky spider cheese balls and they’ll be out of your house in no time. Your party guests won’t want to run screaming from these delicious balls of cheesy goodness. Rather, they’ll be able to enjoy a yummy bite of spider on a cracker or some pita bread. Not only are they fun for your guests, but they are simple and quick to make. Bonus: The littlest of partygoers will get to tell their friends they ate a spider. What more could you ask for?

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Cheddar cheese pumpkin pita chips

Pita bread, a pumpkin cookie cutter and cheddar cheese popcorn seasoning are the only ingredients you’ll need (along with a fryer and oil) to make these fun and easy cheddar cheese pumpkin pita chips. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect finger food that your guests can nibble on as they play  or watch  Halloween games and activities, these are just the thing. They are convenient and only require hands and a mouth to eat, so the fun doesn’t have to stop for guests who want to have a quick nibble. They are the perfect Halloween snack for making ahead of time and having ready to grab (in pumpkin-shaped bowls for that extra touch). These are ideal for a pumpkin-themed party  or any Halloween bash you are putting together.

Avocado witches’ fingers

Don’t let the name deter you from making these delectable little bites of yumminess. Avocado witches’ fingers are not nearly as gruesome as they sound and are guaranteed to please your Halloween guests  as long as they can get past the name. Come on, who doesn’t want to feast on delicious slices of avocado, topped with goat cheese and seasonings and wrapped with prosciutto ham? With those ingredients, we’ll gladly overlook the icky name and just enjoy the scrumptious bites of witches’ fingers  er, we mean tasty avocados. These are the just the break you and your guests will need from all the sugary treats guaranteed to be nearby.

Halloween pretzel sticks

Need a quick and easy Halloween party snack that only requires one hand with which to enjoy it? These Halloween pretzel sticks are just the ticket. Planning a Halloween bash can require lots of time, planning and prep, so when all we need to create a yummy treat are pretzel rods, melting candy and sprinkles, we’re in. These colorful pretzel sticks truly just require you to melt the candy, dip the sticks in the melted candy, add your colored drizzle or sprinkles and let them sit to harden. They are the perfect combination of sweet, salty and crunchy, and they will add a delightful touch of color to your buffet table, either as an additional treat or displayed as a centerpiece. Good luck having any leftovers!

Witch’s brew cream cheese Halloween dip

A true Halloween bash, especially one designed with kids in mind, just wouldn’t be complete without at least one dish that includes eyeballs. For the squeamish out there, you might have to close your eyes before you take the first bite of this witch’s brew cream cheese Halloween dip. Or, ask a pal to remove the eyeballs before you dig in. Whatever you have to do, just don’t pass this up or you’ll be missing out on a yummy treat. This concoction is delicious as is, but it can easily be changed up with different types of milk, or milk substitutes, and different flavors of pudding. After the squeals of “ewww, gross!” all you’ll be left with are satisfied little guests who will gladly help you empty the cauldron.

Barfing pumpkin guacamole

If you have guests that are even slightly queasy when it comes to unpleasant bodily functions like vomiting, then they may not be the biggest fans of this barfing pumpkin guacamole. For the true Halloween aficionados, however, this will delight them as they enjoy bite after bite of the barfed-up guacamole. Maybe referring to it as “barfed-up guacamole” isn’t ideal. However, it would be visually accurate. Follow the simple directions for carving the pumpkin and fill it with your favorite guacamole recipe or one of the three recipes included on the blog, and display it on your party buffet surrounded by tortilla chips for the enjoyment of (most) of your Halloween party guests.

Boursin cheese witch fingers

If a barfing pumpkin isn’t goulish enough for you, maybe these Boursin cheese witch fingers will be the terrifying dish that will satisfy your need for the oh-so-necessary Halloween gross factor. Anything that looks gross but tastes delicious sounds just about perfect for a true Halloween bash. When the cheese is displayed in long finger-like shapes  red fingernails included  it is truly a presentation that will give you pause before you remind yourself it’s just cheese and dig in. This will be one of those Halloween appetizers that will earn you well-deserved praise and bragging rights. Go ahead and share a pic on your social media page  these are definitely photo-worthy.

Kitty litter cake

The kitty litter cake is a classic Halloween dish to serve when you’re looking to add a bit of gross factor to your party buffet. A hit with partygoers of all ages, it’s a quick and easy dessert to throw together for a party of any size. Your guests will just have to get past the fact that it looks as if they are scooping up not-so-fresh kitty litter onto their plate. The “litter” is made so realistic by mixing crumbled cake mixes with just a dash of green food coloring to imitate the chlorophyll in real kitty litter  yum! Top that with warmed Tootsie Rolls that have been shaped to resemble cat you-know-what and who could resist? Trust us, after the first bite you’ll have no problem overlooking the cat you-know-what for this sweet treat.

Monster munch Halloween popcorn

It’s the day of the party and you just need one more, quick, easy and yummy treat for your Halloween bash? Look no further. This monster munch Halloween popcorn can be thrown together in a matter of minutes but is sure to please all your party guests. Aside from letting the finished product sit for a bit before serving, the most time-consuming part of preparing this is just making the popcorn. Sounds pretty doable, right? Once you’ve removed the unpopped kernels, it’s simply a matter of mixing your add-ins with the popcorn and then drizzling all of this with the candy melts or almond bark you’ve already melted. Stir it all up with a big spoon and your work is done! Whether you choose to add candy, peanuts, pretzels or all of the above, this is a guaranteed hit.

Halloween Jell-O shots

Now, this special Halloween treat is strictly for the over-21 crowd at your Halloween bash. Even adults deserve a little trick-or-treating at Halloween, and these Halloween Jell-O shots are just the treat they’ll be hoping for. These can’t be whipped up at the last minute, so be sure to give yourself enough time to have these ready when your guests begin ringing the doorbell. Three flavors of Jell-O, sweetened condensed milk, gelatin and vodka are the ingredients you’ll need to get started. As we mentioned, leave plenty of time to make the Jell-O, assemble the shots in layers and let them sit in the freezer for a bit. Your time and effort will be rewarded with your guests’ appreciation of the presentation and their enjoyment of the special treats.

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