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Baby Halloween costumes that are more than just cute

Girl and mom in Superhero costume

Admit it: This is the real reason you had children. Now that it’s Halloween, you don’t just get to dress up yourself for the holiday; you have a tiny person to dress up too. And guess what? They basically will wear whatever you put on them.

There are a billion options, and your baby is only a baby once — what route will you go this Halloween? Spooky? Adorable? Weird? We are here to help. Here are some of our favorite picks for this year, all available on Amazon.


We absolutely love Carter’s costume collection for babies. Not only are they really great quality and comparatively comfortable for baby, but a lot of them are gender neutral and freaking adorable. Our favorite pick is the pineapple, because c’mon, your baby should obviously be a tropical fruit for Halloween, but there are tons of other choices that are super-cute.

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We love the little details of these baby astronaut costumes, from the little NASA patches to the much-appreciated diaper snaps — so you don’t have to de-costume your baby each time they need a diaper change. It also comes in an assortment of colors — even pink, if you just can’t stop pink-ifying your kid’s costumes.

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Wonder Woman

How about baby’s first superhero costume? This licensed DC Comics Wonder Woman costume comes in sizes up to 12 months and with an adorable cape, your baby can embody awesome super-shero style. It’s also basically fun-filled footie pajamas, which means your kiddo will be warm and comfortable on Halloween.

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Not gonna lie: We looked at a lot of baby unicorn costumes, and this is our favorite one. Check out the soaring rainbow wings and the rainbow tail. And the fluffy purple details on the horn and cuffs. Look how happy that child is in this costume. Can you blame them?

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If you have an infant you need to lug around with you while your older kids trick-or-treat or while you’re at a Halloween party or event, Carter’s is here for you with a great solution: a pumpkin baby carrier Halloween costume that is both practical and awwww-inspiring. The costume slips over standard baby carriers, and also comes with a pumpkin hat and booties to complete the look. This is also a great cold-weather costume idea, or a great idea for babies who fuss in more complicated costumes.

It also comes in a skeleton version that is just as adorable!

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If you really think about it, bacon and little babies have a lot in common: They are scrumptious, everybody loves them, and you shouldn’t drop them on the floor. This bacon costume is sure to absolutely terrify all your vegetarian friends, and Halloween is all about getting spooky! If your baby has an older sibling, just pair this with an egg costume and win Halloween altogether.

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