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Our favorite baby boy Halloween costumes this year

Newborn Baby Boy Wearing a Scarecrow Hat
Photo credit: Getty Images

Soon enough, your little boy will be extremely insistent on exactly what he wants to be for Halloween — but while he’s still a baby, you can enjoy a sweet gift of infant parenting: total control over clothing. These baby boy Halloween costumes are a perfect way to dress up your son and express your holiday spirit.

But diving into the sea of costume ideas for baby boys can be overwhelming; there are just so many! Move over, Batman: We’ve scouted out a few of the very cutest, most original (and most reasonably priced) costumes available.


We love the quality and detail of Carter’s baby costumes, and this avocado costume is no exception. The leaf on top and a pit for a tummy make for the sweetest guac imaginable. The costume comes not only with the avocado “body,” but also with matching striped socks and an undershirt that ensure your little boy will stay comfortable and warm.

Photo credit: Amazon

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Garden gnome

If you want to totally win Halloween  — and your baby boy will tolerate a beard for a while — check out this garden gnome costume. A zippered jumpsuit comes with the iconic red hat and beard, in sizes up to 24 months. It’s a little spendier than some of the other choices here, but it’s super well-made. Just think of the photo ops.

61ZrGdD3zxL. UY445
Photo credit: Amazon


Think about it: Even the scariest werewolf was a baby at one time, right? And he must have been darling. This werewolf costume comes with a head, plaid shirt with fur-lined wrists and a pair of soft denim-like pants. It’s just a little bit spooky…but mostly, just howlingly cute.

91AogNclJ5L. UX342
Photo credit: Amazon

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Who is the cutest crustacean? It is obviously your baby boy, in this insanely adorable lobster costume. This jumpsuit comes complete with booties (the tail is always the most delicious part, right?) and is great for chilly weather. To complete the look (and snag a spot on the podium at your local costume contest), carry the baby in a 10-gallon kitchen pot and put a chef’s hat on.

91w80NkADjL. UX425
Photo credit: Amazon

Darth Vader

This Darth Vader costume one mixes good (your kid) and evil (the Dark Side) for a hilarious outcome. Made of super-cozy fleece, it includes a detachable cape and soft “helmet” in case little Darth gets fussy. You’ll find other rad Star Wars options, too, like this R2D2 onesie and beanie and this Ewok romper.

81urR0RVPCL. UY445
Photo credit: Amazon

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Has Elvis really left the building? We don’t think so. He’s right here in your stroller! This Elvis jumpsuit is modeled after his late period, complete with white bell bottoms and flashy sequins. This choice is especially spot-on if your baby boy has a full head of black hair that you can style. Add a rattle or toy to stand in for a microphone.

81OeB3UC27L. UX342
Photo credit: Amazon

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