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13 cute Halloween cookie recipes

Halloween doesn’t have to be all ghoulish and gross! It can still be cutesy and festive, especially if you have little ones who get spooked easily. These 13 cute Halloween cookies will delight all ages.
Happy Little Ghost Sugar Cookies for Halloween
These adorable Happy Little Ghost Sugar Cookies are perfect for your boo. They’re designed for beginner bakers, so even if you’re a novice cookie decorator, you can pull these off. To get the ghost shape, Sarah’s Bake Studio actually just used an upside down tulip-shaped cookie cutter. Genius! So whip up your favorite sugar cookie recipe, top with white icing and use a black food marker for the faces. Easy-peasy.

Halloween Owl Cookies
I never understood why owls were considered scary. They’re the cutest creatures ever! As are these Halloween Owl Cookies, which put a sweet spin on these hooting birds. They may take some time to make, but the handy tutorial makes it easy, and the kids will love to help create these edible crafts. And they’ll love gobbling them up even more.

3 Halloween Black Cat Cookies
Look, we’re busy people! We don’t always have the time to bake from scratch. But we still want to celebrate. These Black Cat Cookies are semi-homemade so they’re still fun to craft but you don’t have to fuss with flour, sugar, butter, yadda, yadda … And they only take 5 simple ingredients: Oreos, chocolate chip morsels, Reese’s, royal icing and a food marker. It’s a great recipe for keeping a room full of kids happy and busy.

4 Chocolate Peanut Butter Spider Cookies for Halloween
Any arachnophobe will get over their fear of spiders when they see these Chocolate Peanut Butter Spider Cookies! They’re so good you could eat them–oh wait, you can! Made of chewy peanut butter cookies and chocolate truffles, these spiders will melt in your mouth.

5 Mummy Pumpkin Cookies for Halloween
These Mummy Pumpkin Cookies are the nicest mummies you’ll ever meet. Mini, hand-held pumpkin pies will go over huge at your next Halloween event. ‘Tis the season for all things pumpkin, and these delightful treats will not disappoint. They may take some assembling, but it’ll be worth your while.

6 Candy Corn Pumpkin Cookie Pizza
Using boxed pumpkin flavored cookie mix, you can bake a Candy Corn Pumpkin Cookie Pizza in no time! Each slice of this cookie pizza is a candy-corn face, creating a delicious, portable Halloween dessert that feeds a party of eight. So pull out the ol’ pizza stone and bake up a charming little pizza pie!

7 Gooey Monster Cookies for Halloween
We are in love with these Monsters University-themed Gooey Monster Cookies–almost as much as we are with the movie characters themselves! Not everything about Halloween has to be black and orange. A burst of color adds a much-needed pop to the dessert table. Even with green, orange, blue and pink these cookies are still somehow lovable yet creepy–just like Sulley, Mike and Randy.

8 Jack-O-Lantern-Cookies for Halloween
A ball of dough, a dollop of pumpkin pie filling, a few cookie cutters and you have yourself some Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Pies. Some of these have scary faces, but you can make them as scary or nice as you wish. It’s just like carving pumpkins, only out of dough; and you get the satisfaction of eating them when you’re done.

9 Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats for Halloween
Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats aren’t gory at all, in fact, they make Frankenstein quite likable! They’re packed with ooey-gooey, marshmallowy deliciousness! So if you and your kids are fans of Rice Krispie Treats, this version is sure to please.

10 Mickey Mouse Halloween Cookies
Mickey Mouse Halloween Cookies take the magic of Disney and pairs it with the magic of Halloween. Really, this recipe is a win-win! Who could turn down Mickey Mouse or Oreos? No one. A little frosting and candies take these Oreos from ordinary to extraordinary.

11 Nutter Mummies for Halloween
Yummy Nutter Mummies takes your favorite Nutter Butter cookies and turns them into bite-sized mummies you can’t wait to get your mitts on. Coated in sweet, rich almond bark these are enough to satisfy even the strongest sweet tooth.

12 Purple Monster Cookies for Halloween
This simple recipe for Purple Monster Truffles takes just four ingredients: Oreos, cream cheese, lavender candy melts, eye balls and sprinkles. We love the creepy idea of eating eyeballs at Halloween, too. Check out Chelsea’s Messy Apron for three more easy truffle recipes like this one!

13 Witch Hat Surprise Cookies for Halloween
These Witch Hat Surprise Cookies offer a cool surprise to anyone who bites off the top! All you need to make this fun edible craft is Oreo Ice Cream Cones, frosting, chocolate wafers, and then a candy filling! You could use M&Ms, Candy Corn, Nerds, anything! So have a blast putting these together and sharing with trick-or-treaters.

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