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13 chilling Halloween cocktails

Halloween items over rustic wooden background
Photo credit: vonEisenstein/Getty Images

Let’s face it: Halloween is as much fun for adults as it is for kids. Between deciding on the perfect costume, aiming to be the scariest house on the block or the late night forays into your kid’s candy bag, we enjoy this time of year as much (and some even more) than little ones. As you plan your Halloween parties and get togethers, these 13 chilling Halloween cocktails can be the adult version of trick-or-treating.

Purple people eater cocktail

Between the name and its vibrant purple color, we don’t know how it would be possible to pass up this Halloween purple people eater cocktail created by Homemade Hooplah. It’s reminiscent of good old-fashioned purple Kool Aid — only in an adult version. It’s ideal for anybody with a sweet tooth, because after all, there won’t be enough sugar within arms length at a Halloween party.

The bright color comes from the blue curacao which is a common ingredient in many festive cocktails. With the addition of grenadine, sweet and sour and cranberry juice, you’ve got yourself an enticing drink no (adult) witch or ghoul could resist.

If the brilliant purple hue is of utmost importance to you, you may want to substitute cran-grape or grape juice for the cranberry juice for as the red of the cranberry juice tends to tone down the purple a bit. Play with the mixture to create your perfect Halloween brew.

Find some fun Halloween glasses to serve these in and don’t forget to sugar the rim because, well, sugar. Serve with festive purple striped straws and a lemon wheel. These cocktails may just get everyone singing the Purple People Eater Song. Google it: it really is a thing!

Promotion of Homemade Hooplah recipe. Contact Homemade Hooplah to repurpose and/or for image rights.
Photo credit: Homemade Hooplah

The Walking Dead zombie cocktail

If you’re the squeamish type, just looking at this cocktail from Kat Balog may be too much for you. However, if you just love the guts and gore part of Halloween, then this Walking Dead zombie cocktail will be right up your dark, demented alley.

Even if you have never watched the show The Walking Dead, everyone has seen zombies in some movie or television show. This cocktail takes the worst part of zombies (and by worst, we mean best), the blood and brains , and turns it into an adult drink. At this point, you’re probably already thinking either, “heck no”, or “bring it on”. Let’s continue.

It is described as being made with, “the skin of a human, blood, and cream”. Come on! If that isn’t perfect for Halloween, we don’t know what is. In actuality, the ingredients are far less scary and extremely sweet. The cream, caramel, and fudge toppings make this drink go down very smooth — unlike human brains. A little food coloring provides the “blood” and puts this drink over the top. Serve this at your next adult Halloween haunt and watch the reactions of your fellow zombie lovers. Just as zombies seem to keep coming back, you’ll want to serve this cocktail again and again because it’s just so much fun, and very tasty!

Promotion of Kat Balog's recipe. Contact Kat Balog to repurpose and/or for image rights.
Photo credit: Kat Balog

Caramel apple sangria

Caramel apple sangria cocktail. Do you even need to hear more? Just the name makes us want to race out and make this immediately, Halloween or not. Let’s dissect this drink, concocted by A Night Owl Blog, word by word.

Caramel? Um, yes please! On, or in, just about anything.

Apples? Well, of course!.

Sangria? Anytime, anywhere.

Cocktail? Same.

This cocktail is like liquid candy and is ideal for a relaxing fall get together. Sangrias make us think of relaxing on the patio in the sun visiting with family and friends. Your guests will be more inclined to pay you a return visit if you promise to make this cocktail again.

In keeping with the theme of Halloween, and sugar, using a sweet dessert wine like Moscato sends the sweetness meter right to the top. To tone down the sweet flavor a bit, since the wine is mixed with apple cider and caramel syrup, try a drier white wine. A drier, less sweet wine will cut down a bit on the sweetness of the cocktail overall while not losing any of the delectable flavor. Adding chopped apples to mingle with the other flavors creates a cocktail that is not only delicious, but also lovely to look at.

If you’re looking for a Halloween — or fall — cocktail that is less “party” vibe and more “chill,” this caramel apple sangria is your ticket to sit back, relax and enjoy. Cheers!

Promotion of A Night Owl recipe. Contact A Night Owl to repurpose and/or for image rights.
Photo credit: A Night Owl Blog

Potion de muerto cocktail

Potion de Muerto translates to “Potion of the Dead.” Truly fitting for a spin-tingling Halloween cocktail! This one is guaranteed to be a show stopper. Just looking at it is somewhat eerie. Will you and your guests be brave enough to try it or, are you too scared? You can thank for this ghoulish creation.

If you’re looking to highlight the spooky aspects of Halloween, this cocktail certainly helps. Much of what is considered scary or icky is all in the presentation. That’s what you’ll get with this cocktail: the appearance of blood slowing dripping through the drink. It will be enough to cause a shadow of doubt in the minds of some guests. Will they take the dare and give it a try? It will be their loss if they let their minds run away from them and decide not to partake.

Black barrel tequila combined with orange and lemon juice, agave syrup and orange bitters create a very non-frightening, delicious taste sensation. The “blood?” Well, that’s just a bit of beet juice. Or, is it? Guess you’ll just have to trust us. Or, read the recipe yourself and serve these at your next Halloween festivities to the delight of (most) guests.

Spooky sips black widow cocktail

Just lie black widow spiders, this Black Widow cocktail sorta sneaks up on you with how ghoulishly good it is. Unlike black widow spiders, you won’t want to smash it or throw it out of your house. Oh no, this black widow is here to stay. But be warned, it may have a bit of a bite.

This creation by is the ultimate DIY cocktail. Not only are you mixing the ingredients, you will be making some of the ingredients as well — if you accept the challenge. Could you go out and buy blackberry juice and simple syrup? Of course. However, to be a true mix master, why not take credit for doing all the work in creating this Halloween brew? You are guaranteed to earn a new level of respect with the partakers of your cocktail.

Making the blackberry juice and simple syrup is actually quite, well, simple. And, because they can be stored in your fridge for a few days, you can enjoy this cocktail on more than one occasion. You’ll just need bottles or other airtight containers to store the liquids. Go all out and impress your guests with personalized glass jars advertising your homemade ingredients. We’re pretty sure you get bonus points for that.

Pour the finished drink into a highball glass, garnish with blackberries and sit back and enjoy your Black Widow cocktail with your fellow arachnid aficionados.

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Photo credit: Evermine

The witch’s heart Halloween cocktail

Unless your name happens to be Glenda, witches are evil beings that haunt the darkness, casting spells and concocting dreadful potions. Using that premise, the witch’s heart Halloween cocktail came to be thanks to the creative minds at The Flavor Bender. And it’s a beautiful thing to behold! Prepare to be mesmerized — if you’re brave enough.

If you gaze at it long enough, this cocktail is hypnotizing. The colors, the shimmer, the smoke tendrils: it’s enough to make you forget all your cares. And, it accomplishes all of this with only thee main ingredients.

Let’s start with the shimmer. The purple shimmery liqueur can be store bought (Viniq) or homemade as was in this recipe. The bonus of making it yourself is that it will mimic the flavor of the cocktail as made. Plus you can create any color of shimmery liqueur you desire.

The apple brandy provides a tantalizing, fruity taste, but any fruit flavored brandy or vodka works equally well. The grenadine resting at the bottom of the glass represents the witch’s heart — equally spooky and awesome. Serve the cocktail garnished with fresh berries at this point and it’s just about perfect. Just about.

Would put it over the top? What’s missing from this witch’s heart cocktail? Oh, we know. It’s the smoke. No witch’s brew is truly complete without the cascading wisps of “smoke.” That is the ultimate, the pinnacle of the cocktail. Hands down, you’re Halloween guests will be in complete awe as your serve these spellbinding cocktails.

Promotion of The Flavor Bender recipe. Contact The Flavor Bender to repurpose and/or for image rights.
Photo credit: The Flavor Bender

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