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Easy ways to create a ridiculously Pinterest-worthy Friendsgiving

Pinterest-worthy Friendsgiving table
Photo credit: Getty Images

Listen, we’ve all been there. You open your Pinterest app for a bit of light scrolling, and it happens — saving image after image of picture-perfect parties, you convince yourself you aren’t capable of pulling off anything quite so … Pinteresting. You can, though! And creating a ridiculously Pinterest-worthy Friendsgiving seems like a pretty good way to prove that to yourself.

It goes without saying that Pinterest fails are a category all their own. But cutting out the stressful or ugly parts of your prep work to produce beautiful, high-quality images that will have your followers salivating (and attract several new followers, to boot) is actually pretty simple. The main thing to keep in mind is that if you think it looks good, someone else will think it looks good, too.

Of course, we have a few tips to make everything even more aesthetically pleasing for the internet crowd.

Keep these things in mind as you organize and photograph your Friendsgiving, and you’ll have dozens of pictures to share on Pinterest, Instagram, your blog or anywhere else.

Keep it simple

Don’t overthink your backgrounds. If you want to photograph a table full of beautiful food, leave off the decorative leaves and string lights. Rather, make sure you have good, natural light — preferably from a large window or two. (Poppytalk offers a great walk-through on making the most of the lighting you have.)

Make sure your table is clean and free of stains, crumbs or other debris. And don’t bother hand-lettering or painting a tablecloth that you won’t be able to see. Not only will you have wasted valuable time, but you also run the risk of making the tablescape look cluttered.

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Solid colors or simple patterns will make the foreground of your image pop and bring to light all that hard work in the kitchen.

Pinterest-worthy Friendsgiving simple tablescape
Photo credit: Poppytalk

Make it colorful

There’s nothing worse than food photography that’s all one color.

When you’re preparing your Friendsgiving meal, think about colorful vegetables that can be included in your side dishes — make sure the cranberries in your sauce are beautiful and ripe, and never underestimate the power of fresh, green herbs.

This tip doesn’t just apply to food, though. It applies to cocktails, plates, serving dishes and decor, too. There should be plenty of contrast in every photo you take. Exhibit A? This dreamy (and super-vibrant!) fall tablescape from At Charlotte’s House.

Pinterest-worthy Friendsgiving tablescape
Photo credit: At Charlotte’s House

Create a focal area

If you want to decorate your entire space for Friendsgiving, we totally support you. Just keep in mind that not everything photographs well.

If you really want to catch that classic, perfect Pinterest shot, focus on one area of your space. It should have good lighting and a solid patch of wall that can serve as a background for your decor.

Why not clear off a mantle, bookshelf or tabletop to create a fall tableau? There, you can photograph drinks, desserts or just the decorations themselves.

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Pinterest-worth Friendsgiving tablescape
Photo credit: Getty Images

Establish a theme

“Fall” is a pretty general theme that is definitely reliable for Friendsgiving, but consider how you want to present it in your photos. Leaves? Gourds? A papier-mâché turkey or two?

Check out your local craft store, vintage or antique shop for unique items that you can center your theme around. Your photos will stand out because of your creativity and your ability to balance a theme without overwhelming the shot.

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Still not sure what theme might work for you? Take a cue from Hostess With the Mostess and opt for an elegant, yet fun green and gold theme.

Pinterest-worthy Friendsgiving tablescape
Photo credit: Hostess With the Mostess

Ask for help

Friendsgiving is all about friends coming together to celebrate, so when it comes to snapping photos of your gathering, ask your friends to help you out.

If someone is especially crafty or great at taking still-life photos, ask if they’ll help you frame your pics. If someone loves making homemade decorations that you don’t have time to produce because you’re working on food, ask them to bring a wreath for the wall or a centerpiece for the table.

Count on your friends and you’ll have a more enjoyable, Pinterest-worthy Friendsgiving than if you try to do everything all by yourself.

Pinterest-worthy Friendsgiving table
Photo credit: Getty Images

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