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DIY Friendsgiving crafts even the artistically-challenged could make

Friendsgiving crafts
Photo credit: Izabela Habur/Getty Images

Some people are so crafty it should be a crime. Give them two paper clips, an old feather and some sticks and, before you know it, they’ve whipped up a boho-chic garland you want to string around your entire house.

And then there’s the rest of us.

We are the poor, unfortunate souls who don’t have an artistic bone in our bodies — a fact that is never more readily apparent than during the holidays. While all your friends are spending their days pouring handcrafted candles and painting fall foliage on old cabinets to create rustic wood wall art, you’re on your way to the nearest home decor store to raid their premade seasonal items.

Yet, every year is much of the same: You look on longingly at everyone’s Pinterest-worthy DIYs, and you dream of the day you can pull off the same. Well, now you can, friends.

The following six crafts are easy enough for the most artistically-challenged (or least artistically-inclined, depending on whether your crafty glass is half full or half empty).

Yarn pumpkin garland

First of all, everyone loves pumpkins. They just do. And since there are few things more quintessentially fall-ish than these happy orange spheres, they make the perfect fall craft. Don’t worry — you don’t need surgical precision, because we aren’t asking you to carve any prize-winning jack-o’-lanterns.

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All you need for this craft is some orange yarn, a little twine, green pipecleaners and the ability to tie a string. Easy peasy pumpkin squeezy.

Friendsgiving crafts yarn pumpkin garland
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Autumn pom-pom wreath

ICYMI, yarn has the magical ability to make otherwise un-crafty people look like DIY geniuses. What’s so fantastic about this example is the cost savings — pom-pom wreaths will run you a pretty penny if you purchase them online. However, our version (inspired by Naztazia) offers a quick and affordable alternative for adding fall hues to your Friendsgiving decor.

Our favorite feature? You can choose any colors you want, so there are practically endless ways to customize.

Friendsgiving crafts autumn pompom wreath
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Mulled wine mix

You know what’s even better than a craft? A craft that doubles as a gift! You can approach this mulled wine mix a few ways. Option one: You can make it ahead of your Friendsgiving festivities and use jars as place settings for your guests (that they take home). Or, option two, you can enlist your friends in the making of the mulled wine.

As long as you have plenty of bottled — or boxed, no judgment — wine on hand, your friends will likely be happy to lend a hand.

Friendsgiving crafts mulled wine mix
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Pinecone owl

Another strong contender in the unconventional place setting category is this oh-so-cute pinecone owl craft. In the interest of full disclosure, you will need to have a bit of finesse with the hot-glue gun. But other than that, the supply list is short and simple. And since owls are super on-trend right now in decorative accessories, these guys are sure to be big crowd-pleasers.

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If your Friendsgiving is a kid-friendly affair, consider these owls as a craft to keep kiddos entertained during the party (as long as a supervising adult wields the hot glue, of course).

Friendsgiving crafts pine cone owl
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Wood wreath

Have you chosen a theme for your Friendsgiving decor yet? If not, let us do you a solid and suggest “rustic chic.” Then you can greet guests at the door with this woodsy tree ring wreath — because first impressions are important, after all.

If you have extra crafting wood slices when you finish your wreath, you can use them as coasters or put them atop place settings to carry the theme throughout your home.

Friendsgiving crafts wood ring wreath
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A jar of cinnamon and sugar nuts

There’s a reason they say the kitchen is the heart of the home — it just has a way of bringing people together and making them feel closer. So, what better way to while away the time at your Friendsgiving gala than to gather your BFFs into your home’s heart for a bit of culinary crafting?

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Everyone can either make a jar of these delicious cinnamon and sugar nuts to take home for themselves or, if they’re feeling giving (and ‘tis the season!), they can make a jar to gift to a loved one.

Friendsgiving crafts cinnamon sugar nuts
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