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Father’s Day gift guide

Father's Day gift
Photo credit: arinahabich/Getty Images

A special dad deserves a special gift — whether he’s the guy who carried you around on his shoulders, the father to your kids, or a wise voice you rely on. And the third Sunday in June every year is the time to give him one that shows how much you appreciate his presence in your life.

Here are some great Father’s Day gift ideas for the dearest dads in your life!

To start awesome mornings

For the caffeinated dad, this mug shows your love while helping him get his morning started right. Add a sweet treat to go with his coffee, and you’ve made his whole day.

Awesome dad mug
Photo credit: Amazon

Get great grilling

Does he like to fire up the barbecue every weekend? If so, he’d love a shiny, new set of barbeque tools to start the summer off right. A silly apron would be a fun accessory, too — but for the tough-guy type, this BBQ apron is a not-too-cutesy one that he might actually wear.

BBQ tools
Photo credit: Amazon

Father’s day gift guide: Be prepared

If the dad in your life is the Swiss Army knife of people, then this actual Swiss Army knife will keep him prepared for all the fixing of loose, broken, squeaky things he does.

Swiss Army knife
Photo credit: Amazon

Tied to your heart

As cliché as it sounds, the lowly tie is still one of the most popular Father’s Day gifts. If he appreciates looking sharp, then this classy tie is just the thing. Choose his favorite color and add a tie clip, and he’s guaranteed to knot return it. (Sorry.)

Ties for dad for Father's Day
Photo credit: Amazon

Father’s Day gift guide: Go fish

Grab a couple of fishing poles and take him to the nearest stream, river or lake with this collection of fishing lures, and he may just end up catching his own Father’s Day dinner. And if not, you will have given him the memory of some quality time together.

collection of fishing lures
Photo credit: Amazon

Father’s day gift guide: Work it out

The dad who likes to stay fit and healthy will appreciate some new workout gear, of course. This lightweight running belt will hold all his extra stuff without weighing him down. This set of resistance bands will help him get pumped without taking up the entire garage. It’s also easy to toss in a suitcase when he’s traveling. Lastly, this Garmin watch will help him keep track of how far, fast and long for instant feedback on his efforts.

Garmin watch workouts
Photo credit: Amazon


If he’s a golfer, he’ll love to show off his improved swing — and the fact that you gave him this golf training aid. He may even give you some pointers.

For his pocket

Does his wallet resemble something from the prehistoric age? Give him this RFID wallet that requires no duct tape and ends the embarrassment — plus, it protects his information from being stolen off his cards.

Motion Trend Men's RFID Wallet - Nappa Leather RFID Blocking Bifold Wallet, Black
Photo credit: Amazon

Alexa – be a gift!

For the guy who loves to have the latest gadgets and gizmos, budget-friendly gifts abound. With the Amazon Echo Dot, he can use his voice to do everything from playing music to controlling smart home devices to setting alarms. The best part? He won’t have to repeat himself over and over to get a response.

Amazon Echo Dot
Photo credit: Amazon


If Dad was the parent who always gave in to your pleas for sweets (“Don’t tell Mom!”), it’s time to give him some of his own that he won’t even have to share. We’re betting he’ll give you your pick from this tower of treats, though, because that’s the kind of guy he is.

Tower of treats
Photo credit: Amazon

Father’s day gift guide: Stream on

Indulge his TV addiction with the gift of a Roku Streaming Stick. Just by plugging it into any HDTV, he’ll have more show and movie options than he’ll know what to do with.

Roku Streaming Stick
Photo credit: Amazon

Can you hear him now?

How about a wireless bluetooth speaker if he enjoys listening to music on his phone or tablet? It’s small enough to take anywhere — even poolside (it’s waterproof!). Now, everyone can enjoy Dad’s groovy tunes… for better or for worse.

Bluetooth Stereo Speaker
Photo credit: Amazon

“I am your charger”

Not that he needs another USB charger, but this isn’t just any ol’ charger: This is Darth Vader charger. Enough said.

Darth Vader charger
Photo credit: Amazon

Get framed

A picture frame with a message of love is certain to earn a spot on the mantel where he can see it easily. This is one of those gifts that the recipient will always treasure.

Love in crystal

If you want to tug on his heartstrings a bit, a personalized gift is the guaranteed ticket. This custom holographic photo etched in crystal is a truly unique gift he’ll love to show off. The only hard part will be choosing the perfect picture to feature.

custom holographic photo etched in crystal
Photo credit: Amazon

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