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9 DIY gifts for dad that are heartfelt and personalized

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Dads are some of the hardest people to shop for. In many cases, they buy what they want when they want it. For example, take my dad: As soon as he finds something he really wants, he either buys it or saves up until he can afford it. And if it’s too expensive, there’s no way I can afford it either. (Sorry, Dad.)

Lucky for you (and him!), there are some presents that he can’t buy in stores. Father’s Day is every dad’s time to shine, so why not make it even more special with a DIY gift for dad made from the heart?

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3D Father’s Day greeting card

Take the classic Father’s Day card to the next level with this 3D, beer-holding, giant greeting card.


Sentimental DIY keychain

Make sure Dad always finds his way home with this keychain made from polymer clay. Hand-stamped custom geographic coordinates give a sentimental touch. Use the coordinates to home or any other place that holds special meaning for him.


Personalized shadow boxes

Create these personalized shadow box frames using Scrabble letters, small gadgets and meaningful pictures. Every time he looks at this DIY gift, he’ll be reminded of your love and appreciation.

father's day shadow boxes

3D picture frame

These simple yet impressive picture frames display some of Dad’s favorite people.


DIY Marvel shoes

Every superhero-loving dad needs a pair of custom shoes made from the heart. These DIY Vans talk to his inner Marvel fanatic. If your dad isn’t interested in superheroes, create a pair of DIY shoes featuring Game of Thrones, Pokémon, Harry Potter or even Star Wars — whatever he’s a fan of.


Sea salt vanilla caramels

For dads with a sweet tooth, these flavorful sea salt vanilla caramels are a tasty DIY gift. Made with whipped cream, sugar and salted butter, they’re a great way to show off your cooking skills and let Dad know just how sweet he is.


Custom coasters

These custom coasters are made from recycled beer cartons, but you can make them with any packaging at all. Does your dad love Coke? Make a Coke coaster from the box! Is he a fan of iced coffee? Cut out the logo from a package of his favorite brand.


Photo collage memory board

All this easy-to-make photo memory board requires are memorable pictures, craft glue, a wooden board, and most importantly, a whole lot of love.

Craft Photo collage memory board

Rope sign

For the dad who dons a cowboy hat and boots on the regular, this customizable wooden rope sign is the country-themed DIY gift he’s always needed. This particular example is decorated with the word “love,” but you could spell out anything meaningful.

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