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Top 10 Easter appetizers

Canapes with avocado paste and edible flowers
Photo Credit: zi3000/Getty Images

Appetizers are a must if you’re hosting a crowd for Easter! If you don’t serve a little something before the meal, people get hungry… and sometimes too hungry. Keep all your guests happy with some of these delicious finger foods.

We will definitely be counting all of our blessings with friends and family over a tasty and bountiful meal this Easter. We plan to serve simple appetizers so that we don’t have to slave away in the kitchen making something fancy.

Some of these festive Easter appetizer recipes are easy, but a few are a little more complicated. What you make will depend on how much time and effort you want to put into it. It’s also good to serve a variety… fruits, cheese, meats, chips, eggs, dips, veggies…  keep things interesting!

Here are 10 creative Easter appetizers to serve at your holiday gathering:

Deviled egg dip

I love deviled eggs, but they’re such a pain to make! This deviled egg dip from A Southern Soul offers the same delicious flavors but is quick and easy to make.

Turn your boiled eggs into deviled egg dip.
Photo credit: A Southern Soul

Bulgogi lettuce wraps

Add a little Asian flair to your Easter menu with this Korean BBQ inspired bulgogi lettuce wrap. This recipe is perfect for any occasion or holiday.

Veggie bars

Veggie trays are my favorite, but change things up with these fresh Easter veggie bars!

Fresh, raw veggies on a tender crust.
Photo Credit: Garnish & Glaze

Brie and blackberry tarts

These fruity brie and blackberry tarts from Maebells make a fancy Easter appetizer.

Mini crusts filled with blackberries and brie.
Photo Credit: MaeBells

Bloomin’ onion bread

This bloomin’ onion bread from The Girl Who Ate Everything is what you get when sourdough bread marries Monterey Jack cheese.

Sourdough bread stuffed with melty cheese!
Photo Credit: The Girl Who Ate Everything

Asparagus spears appetizer

Asparagus spears wrapped in blankets of cream cheese and puff pastry make a hand-held asparagus appetizer to die for.

Asparagus wrapped in puff pastry sheets and stuffed with cream cheese.
Photo Credit: Lil Luna

Pineapple and cilantro grilled shrimp

Nothing says springtime like fresh and bright pineapple and cilantro grilled shrimp!

pineapple and cilantro grilled shrimp
Photo Credit: Bake At Midnite

Glazed ham and pineapple kabobs

Free up kitchen space and grill these sweet and festive glazed ham and pineapple kabobs.

Ham and pineapple chunks grilled on kabobs
Photo Credit: Made From Pinterest

Prosciutto, goat cheese and fig crostini

Creamy, salty, meaty, and sweet is what you’ll encounter with these prosciutto, goat cheese, and fig crostini.

prosciutto goat cheese fig on crostini
Photo Credit: The Wholesome Dish

Stuffed mushrooms

Earthy mushrooms are stuffed with smoky bacon, spinach, and Italian breadcrumbs in this skinny Easter appetizer recipe.

spinach and bacon stuffed mushrooms
Photo Credit: Skinny Taste

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