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6 affordable and easy school Easter crafts

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Easter is a fun and colorful spring holiday, which makes it perfect for inspiring classroom crafting. Whether you’re a preschool teacher looking for easy crafts for little hands to do, a scout troop leader who needs a quick craft idea for this week’s meeting, or an elementary school teacher who wants to combine math and science with craft time, we have you covered with these easy school Easter crafts.

As a bonus, because this list was created with a tight budget in mind, each of these crafts is designed to make use of resources you already have on-hand or that can be bought very inexpensively at the dollar store or craft store.

Easter paper plate crafts

One pack of colorful plates makes three different Easter-themed crafts, thanks to blogger and former teacher Someone’s Mum. Using a packet of paper plates, you can make an Easter bunny mask, a clever Easter crown, and an adorable paper plate bird’s nest. This is a school Easter craft the kids will love!

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Easter egg necklace craft

Just add ribbon and a few small treats to create this fun Easter egg necklace craft idea found at Somewhat Simple. Tie a ribbon to the ends of a plastic Easter egg to create the necklace, then decorate the eggs however you like. Children can take this school Easter craft home as a gift for their mom or dad.

Easter egg circle painting

Use plastic Easter egg halves as stamps and dip them in paint to create a fun Easter egg circle painting, like the one found on Fun With Mama. Younger kids can stamp random circles, while older kids can have fun with this school Easter craft creating more complex images using circles as the base shape.

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Math test Easter egg hunt

If you’re trying to make studying for tests more fun, try this clever math test Easter egg hunt which doubles as a fun school Easter craft. Teacher Jamie, of Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher, prepped this activity in just 10 minutes, and her students had a ton of fun while getting ready for an upcoming math test.

Crystal Easter egg experiment

In this beautiful school Easter craft designed by Fantastic Fun and Learning, simply twist some pastel-colored pipe cleaners into an Easter egg shape and then dip them in a special solution to create a crystallized egg shape. Kids can observe for 24 hours while their Easter egg shapes begin to form crystals, and when the experiment is done, they will have pretty crystal shapes to hang in the window to catch the light.

Easter egg salt painting

For this science-based art project from Toddler Approved, just add salt! Glue salt crystals to an Easter egg shape to create a base for a fascinating salt painting experiment that preschoolers and elementary school kids will love.

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