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Next-level Easter party ideas that are Instagram-worthy

Millennial Easter party ideas
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One of the most disconcerting things about becoming an adult is the realization that holidays are pretty much made for kids. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Hanukkah Harry, even Fourth of July sparklers are designed for little ones. What’s a millennial to do?

Throw your own Easter party and eat all the candy you want!

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Plus, now you can pair candy with cocktails. Here are some ideas to have the most epic Easter ever. (And you had better believe we threw in some tips for a grown-up Easter egg hunt.)

The food

Every good party needs a good spread. An Easter lunch or brunch is perfect and is generally much more casual than a dinner would be. Ham, quiche, bagels, egg salad and smoked salmon are delicious, along with vegan and gluten-free options for your guests who need or prefer them. Mimosas, Bloody Marys, coffee and juice round out the feast.

Photo booth

No millennial celebration is complete without a photo booth. Gather a bunch of Easter-themed props — like bunny ear headbands — and various paper items on sticks — like Easter egg-shaped sunglasses, chocolate bunnies, large colored eggs, pastel bow ties and Easter bonnets. Make sure you assign a special Instagram hashtag!

Candy bar

Set up a table full of different types of Easter candy — like jelly beans, Cadbury eggs, tiny chocolate bunnies and lollipops. Hand out small Easter baskets and let your friends fill them with whatever treats they choose.

Pre-holiday painting

If most of your friends will be with family on Easter proper, you can throw a party the day before, which lends itself to a fabulous party activity: coloring gorgeous Easter eggs. Marbling, gold and silver leaf, watercolor or graphic, or bold black and white designs drawn on with a Sharpie are all trendy ways to decorate Easter eggs.

Grown-up egg hunts

Instead of a traditional egg hunt, try hiding things like bottles of your favorite beer, Jell-O shot jigglers, spa day supplies or craft supplies.

Get charitable

Research shows that while millennials may not donate as much cash to charitable causes as baby boomers and Gen X-ers do, millennials are more likely to donate goods and their time. So grab your friends, roll up your sleeves and spend a day doing good. Clean up a neighborhood park, do some landscaping at a local school, spend the day at a food bank, or volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. Afterward, gather for a casual Easter dinner. Or set up a GoFundMe with a donation goal to hit by the end of the party.

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