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Easter traditions that aren’t just hiding eggs & gifting baskets

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Easter morning may be all about finding Easter eggs and eating jelly beans for your family, or maybe you put on your best springtime duds and head to church. Whatever your family’s traditions, there are tons of ways to give your Easter a unique flair. Here are some of our favorite ways to give the classic Easter traditions a fun and family-friendly twist.

Build a fire and make some Peeps s’mores

There are so many Easter traditions that take place in the morning, but it can be harder to know what to do in the evening after the ham has been carved and everyone is tuckered out from the busy day. One option is to make a cozy spring fire and use those leftover Peeps to create some Easter-themed s’mores.

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Make an Easter countdown calendar

Why not repurpose your favorite Christmas traditions for Easter so you and your kids can enjoy a countdown calendar twice a year? Inspired by the Advent calendar, you can easily make this Easter countdown calendar in minutes with an egg carton, some plastic eggs and a few pieces of candy, or you can make a simple wall calendar or pastel paper chain.


Volunteering at a soup kitchen or dropping off supplies at a homeless shelter are common traditions at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but volunteers are also needed on Easter. Not only is a great way to give back on a holiday, but it ties into some of the original themes of the holiday. Make it one of your new favorite Easter traditions this year.

Decorate an Easter tree

Are you already yearning for Christmas, which is a full six months away? Consider decorating a tree, indoor or out, real or fake, with Easter-themed ornaments and lights. You can even make ornaments with various egg- and Easter-themed crafts, netting some new Easter traditions into one.

Colorful handmade Eastereggs on an apple tree
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Take an annual family picture

When everyone is in their Easter best, with their hair brushed and their bellies full of candy, use the moment to snap a new family portrait. Build on the Easter tradition each year by taking it in the same spot, or with the same placement. Hang the timeline of pictures along the same hallway or in a chronological group.

Make Easter Bunny footprints

You know how Santa sometimes leaves sooty boot prints around the fireplace? The Easter Bunny can make just as much of a mess!

Use a simple stencil and a dusting of powdered sugar (and you can do it outside, for minimal clean-up). The kids will be more convinced than ever that a magical being made a special visit to their house.

Plant something in your garden

Even if you aren’t religious, Easter can be a wonderful celebration of spring and rebirth. Celebrate by planting colorful flowers in the garden or readying the garden for the spring and summer to come. If you don’t have an outdoor space, consider buying some bulbs, potting them, and watching them grow indoors as spring arrives.

Make your own Easter baskets

Why buy a cheap basket at the store when you can make your own during a fun crafting session with your kids? Older kids can try using a basket-making kit, while younger kids could decorate a simple, ready-made basket.

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