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Household crafts you can use to decorate Easter eggs

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It’s time for Easter again, and with the arrival of spring comes the opportunity to get crafty with a carton of eggs. Gone are the days when the only thing you could do with eggs was to dip them in a strong-smelling bowl of dye. These days, there’s no reason not to get zany and creative with hard-boiled eggs, and we’re here to show you how with these Easter egg decorating tips.

Glitter eggs

For kids (or moms) who love glitter, we suggest a few Easter eggs that shine and sparkle. Simply get a small brush — the smaller the better for being precise with the glue — and “paint” designs with glue on the boiled shell before rolling each egg in a variety of glitter. You might also want to try confetti or cake sprinkles — anything that will stick is fair game!

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Garden eggs

Does anything mean springtime more than the return of pretty flowers and green grass? We didn’t think so. For another fun, dye-free way to decorate your eggs, grab a few bright flowers and blades of green grass from the great outdoors and carefully glue them onto your eggs. They make fantastic centerpieces for brunch — or just a cute decorative item for anywhere in the house or yard. This is one of the prettiest Easter egg decorating tips we have come across.

Animal eggs

For a quirky and fun Easter egg decorating tip, turn your eggs into various animals. Whether you use the egg as the animal’s face and paint a nose and a set of whiskers on it, or you use the egg as the animal’s body and create arms and legs, this idea is sure to get the kids excited.

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Fabric eggs

Do you have scraps of old sewing fabric around the house or clothing you’re not wearing anymore? Why not use it for decorating Easter eggs? Lace and floral patterns are always great for spring. Or try gluing on buttons if you have extras.

Washi tape eggs

Washi tape comes in an abundance of wild patterns these days — just visit the craft store and you’ll see what we mean. Buy a few kinds of tape and go to town with your Easter eggs. This is an easy, non-messy way to get your eggs looking festive.

Jeweled eggs

Everyone loves stick-on jewels, and Easter eggs make a great canvas. Grab a few sheets of the jewels and bedazzle your eggs with a variety of bling.

Handwritten eggs

Need to get a message off your chest? Grab a permanent marker in a colorful shade and send a bright Easter greeting, or pen an inspirational quote onto the white of your boiled egg. Just make sure to press lightly and keep the shell intact.

Temporary tattoo eggs

Did you know that you can use temporary tattoos to decorate your freshly boiled eggs? Simply take a damp washcloth and place it over the tattoo just like you would your skin and press gently until the tattoo has adhered to the egg.

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