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Easter leftover recipes that are better than the actual dinner itself

Big beef sandwich
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One of the most delicious rewards of the big Easter feast is the tasty abundance of Easter leftovers. Forget about simply reheating and serving those leftover meats and vegetables. Instead, delight your family with scrumptious new dishes that will get them excited to come to the table.

Here are 10 Easter leftover recipes to help you repurpose your Easter leftovers into delicious new dishes.

Leftover Easter candy cookies

Why eat leftover Easter candy straight from the bag when you can use it to make these adorable leftover Easter candy cookies? Light, soft and buttery, these spring-themed treats showcase pastel M&M’s and chocolate Easter eggs, which are even more irresistible in cookie form. Rally your kiddos to get in the kitchen to help you make these easy treats. We recommend gobbling up a few while they are still hot from the oven.

Leftover Easter candy cookies

Deviled egg macaroni salad

After the Easter egg hunt is over, transform those colorful hard-boiled eggs into this scrumptious deviled egg macaroni salad from Jo Cooks.

If you’re a fan of deviled eggs and always find yourself first in line for macaroni salad, you’re going to go wild for this mouthwatering mash-up. This leftover Easter egg recipe is loaded with red onion, celery, pickles and olives. The egg yolks, mayonnaise and Dijon mustard give the macaroni an addictive creaminess that makes it hard to stop at one serving.

Photo courtesy of Jo Cooks

Ham and potato corn chowder

Got leftover Easter ham? Don’t freeze it for later. Instead, make this ham and potato corn chowder from Closet Cooking.

Rich with flavor and loaded with vegetables, this chowder is easy to make and it’ll be ready for dinner in 30 minutes or less. Start by sautéing onions, carrots and celery, then add garlic and herbs. To thicken the soup, make a roux with flour, ham broth and milk. Simmer until the potatoes are tender, and the ham and corn are hot.

Your family will beg you to make this bowl of comfort more often.

Photo courtesy of Closet Cooking

Honey ham biscuits

Leftover Easter ham is a godsend in the kitchen. You can transform it into so many tasty meals to feed your family for the week.

These honey ham biscuits from Fake Ginger are a versatile meal and, best yet, you only need five ingredients. Simply layer refrigerator biscuit dough with shredded Swiss cheese and slices of ham. Brush the biscuits with butter and bake until golden brown. Drizzle with warm honey, and serve them for brunch, a light lunch or a snack before dinner.

Photo courtesy of Fake Ginger

Ham and egg salad

When Easter gives you leftovers, make this tasty ham and egg salad from Good Cheap Eats.

This isn’t your typical egg salad with mayo, mustard and some ham thrown in. This salad is given a tasty twist with brown mustard and green garlic (young garlic that looks like a green onion). Serve this scrumptious egg salad on soft leftover rolls or on top of greens for a low-carb option.

vegetable salad with ham and egg seasoned milk sauce
Photo courtesy of Getty Images


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