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The hottest (& most impressive) new trends in Easter Egg decorating

Easter eggs in a plastic package top view
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Watercolor floral eggs

You know what’s so great about these watercolor eggs? If you mess up, you can play it off as purposeful. So, get your kids to join you in embracing your inner Georgia O’Keeffe with this dreamy floral egg style from Dream a Little Bigger.


Emoji eggs

Will you be the heart-eye emoji or the laugh-‘til-you-cry emoji? Or maybe you’re more of a meh emoji. Let your kids get silly choosing an emoji egg to match each member of the family. If your brood includes fans of The Emoji Movie, introducing this decorating idea should earn you major brownie points.


Woodland creature eggs

Oh, deer! Could these eggs painted like charming woodland creatures be any cuter? Make life easier for yourself by stocking up on supplies for a set number of critters, and let the little ones choose from among those.


Mood eggs

At first glance, these onyx-hued eggs may look out of place among their pastel-colored egg comrades. As soon as the geek-chic shell is exposed to warmth, though, it begins to change color like a mood ring. So, you have something that will fascinate your kids for hours on end. And, when the novelty does eventually wear off, they can crack the eggs open and eat ‘em.


Watermelon eggs

Now that spring has sprung, we can think of only one thing: summer! These adorable DIY watermelon Easter eggs featured on Dawn Nicole’s blog serve as an oh-so-sweet reminder that sticky smiles and seed-spittin’ fun in the sun is just around the corner.


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