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The hottest (& most impressive) new trends in Easter Egg decorating

Easter eggs in a plastic package top view
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Carved eggs

Repeat after us: You are smart. You are beautiful. You are enough. And, yes, you can carve your very own intricate Easter egg designs like Homeyou, despite what your better judgment is scream-whispering in your brain right now.

Sure, carved eggs are delicate and tricky. They even require a Dremel. But they’ll also score you enough cool cred with your kids to carry you through the year. Bonus: They’ll make you feel like the second coming of Michelangelo.


Shaving-cream eggs

If your kids have been begging you to let them make slime for roughly one century and you’re still holding out, good for you, Mama. That stuff is a mess. Still, if mom guilt has crept in, Crafty Morning’s shaving-cream-dyed Easter eggs could be the perfect compromise.

The kids get to play with something tactile and squishy, while you don’t have to worry about such a catastrophic mess. Plus, when all is said and done, your family will have some seriously pretty swirled eggs to show for it.


Galaxy eggs

Admittedly, Dream a Little Bigger’s DIY galaxy eggs look intimidating at first glance. However, they’re deceptively low-fuss, requiring only acrylic paints in a variety of cosmic colors and a few brushes. Practice surely makes perfect, but the result will be out of this world.


Naturally dyed eggs

Calling all crunchy mamas! Although fancy dyes, sparkles and decorating kits are all the rage, going natural is still an option. Shifting Roots has all the details, from food dyes such as canned beet juice and raspberries to the not-so-kid-friendly wait time (sometimes hours … eesh).


Sprinkle eggs

Kids can’t get enough of sprinkles; they’d probably pour them all over their mashed potatoes and gravy if you allowed it. Obviously, that isn’t an option, so let them get their fill in another way with Let’s Mingle’s precious sprinkle eggs. In full disclosure, you might want to keep a warning label nearby so everyone knows these incredible eggs aren’t edible (until they’ve been shelled, at least).



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