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The hottest (& most impressive) new trends in Easter Egg decorating

Easter eggs in a plastic package top view
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Some of us light up at the very mention of decorating Easter eggs. Each shell is a blank canvas, each sphere an opportunity for little ones to express — or egg-spress, if you will — their budding artistic talents.

And then there are the rest of us.

The proverbial we can’t help but remember boiling dozens of eggs last year, wrestling with those plastic-egg-wrap-shrinky-things that never seem to work. We recall (not so fondly) how long the fluorescent dye took to fade from our kids’ fingertips (not to mention everything else).

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Don’t get us wrong; we love the holiday and the quality time with our families. But we’re tapped out just thinking about it, and we haven’t even had a chance to get hip to all the newfangled ways to make eggs, well, egg-quisite.

Fortunately, egg-decorating inspiration abounds on the internet. From unicorn designs to mood-changing paint, put-together parents and clever bloggers have shared the top trends in egg decorating.

Need help getting your creative juices flowing before the big Easter egg hunt? Say no more. Here are a few fun ideas to get you hoppin’.

Painted eggs

Put your secret artistic skills to good use — or show off your kid’s — by tackling hand-painted eggs this Easter. Let Lulukuku Designs’ oriental-themed pink eggs serve as your point of reference — but don’t be afraid to color outside of the lines and come up with something unique. Encourage kids to pick a subject and have fun painting it.

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Written words, phrases and inspiration

We can’t all be quite so talented as artist Polla Polina, but that shouldn’t keep us from trying — especially when it comes to decorating Easter eggs with inspirational words or phrases. It’s the thought that counts, and Polina shared a beautiful one last year: “Every day is happy.” Indeed!

Favorite cartoon characters

Looking for a real crowd-pleaser? You can’t go wrong with Easter eggs dyed, colored or otherwise decorated to look like beloved cartoon characters. Kids will get a kick out of seeing familiar faces such as Kermit and Charizard in egg form or, even better, creating their own versions of their faves.

Water-marble Easter eggs

The dye job on these water-marble Easter eggs from Crafty Morning is to dye for (we’d say that was the last Easter pun, but it would be wrong to lie, no?). Bad puns notwithstanding, these stunners are best-suited for the older-kid set, because you’ll be breaking out your nail polish for the art part.


Cute, easy unicorn eggs

Is it wrong to be jealous of an Easter egg? Because Red Ted Art’s unicorn DIY eggs are rocking winged eyeliner better than most of us, to say nothing of how cute they look in those floral crowns. Suffice it to say these unicorn eggies will delight both little and big kids alike.


Browse more fun Easter egg decorating ideas on our Pinterest board!



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