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8 recipes to upgrade your Easter dinner party menu

Recipes to add to your Easter dinner menu

Traditional Easter dinner recipes include roasted lamb, ham, deviled eggs (you gotta use those leftover colored eggs somehow) and hot cross buns. But you might also like to add some new twists to your Easter menu. Don’t let some of these unexpected additions surprise you. Give them a try for Easter dinner and you won’t be disappointed. 

This list has everything from appetizers to main dishes and desserts, and these recipes are sure to help you get a jump start on your Easter menu as we head toward the holiday.

Check out the full list of our top eight recipes below. Which one are you making for Easter dinner?

Strawberry cake with pink berry frosting

Bring on the berries! This strawberry cake with pink berry frosting is a great recipe for spring because, well, spring and berries go hand in hand. This recipe doesn’t skimp on the fruit, either, it uses real berries throughout so the flavor in this cake is fresh and real.

Instant Pot salted caramel cheesecake

You won’t miss carrot cake after this recipe. It’s dessert made easy. This Instant Pot salted caramel cheesecake recipe is decadent and rich. Save some room for this dessert after dinner or you’ll be sorry. It is truly one of the many new Easter recipes that will be on the Easter menu every year.

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Smoked salmon potato cakes

This smoked salmon potato cakes recipe is served with herbed cream and pink peppercorns, creating a light and refreshing dish that works for both brunch and dinner. Plus, the presentation is elegant and eye-catching. We recommend doubling or even tripling this recipe. Your guests won’t complain as it is one of the most unique and tastiest Easter recipes of all time.

Easy brown sugar bourbon slow-cooker spiral ham

Ham is one of the most popular Easter dishes. In fact, the United States will spend a whopping $5.5 million in ham and deviled eggs this year. There are a million Easter recipes that will help you make the perfect ham and this is one of them. If you’re joining the crowd, we’ve got the perfect recipe for you thanks to this easy brown sugar bourbon slow-cooker spiral ham. Hey, it’s a popular entree for a reason, right?

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