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Easy Easter classroom decorations for under $10

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Recycled goods Easter crafts

Another way to save money on Easter classroom decorations is to take advantage of recyclables, or things that would eventually be thrown away. Look in the recycling bin (or have students bring a recycled item from home) for supplies for these frugal craft projects.

Recycled paint chip Easter egg garland

Ask for old paint chips from the hardware store to create a paint chip Easter egg garland to hang in your classroom.

Project cost estimate:

Paint chips: Free
Scissors: On hand
Baker’s twine: $1
Hole punch: On hand
Total cost: Free to $1

Recycled can Easter bunny planter

Recycled cans become adorable Easter bunny planters with this cute Easter craft from We Know Stuff. Paint a can white, add ears and a bunny face, then fill the can with soil and plant some seeds to add a science twist to this Easter craft.

Project cost estimate:

Recycled cans: Free
Acrylic paint: $1 and up
Construction paper for ears: On hand
Glue: On hand
Potting soil: $5
Seeds: $1 and up
Total cost: $7 and up

Recycled plastic Easter egg bouquet

If you’d rather not get your hands dirty filling your Easter bunny planter with dirt, use it as a vase to display these recycled plastic Easter egg flowers by Make and Takes. Kids can easily create Easter flowers from plastic Easter eggs and pipe cleaners in this simple Easter classroom decoration.

Project cost estimate:

Plastic Easter eggs: $1 and up
Pipe cleaners: $1 and up
Total cost: $2 and up

Easter egg carton wreath

Students can paint recycled egg carton cups with paint one day and then assemble the egg cartons into eye-catching wreaths the next with this craft by Our Potluck Family. Alternatively, use the egg cartons painted by students to create a large Easter egg carton wreath to display on your classroom door.

Project cost estimate:

Recycled egg cartons: Free
Paint (tempera): On hand
Paintbrushes: On hand
Recycled cardboard: Free
Paper plates: $1 (Optional)
Glue and scissors: On hand
Total cost: $1 and up

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